tesla with sonambiente

opening times of tesla in the podewils'schen palace
thurs. 01. june 2006 to 16. july 2006 -- tuesday to sunday -- 4:00 -- 10:00 pm
tesla with sonambiente is tesla's contribution to the sonambiente festival berlin 2006 for listening and seeing from thurs. 01. june -- sun. 16. july 2006.
it takes place in cooperation with sonambiente berlin 2006, singuhr -- hörgalerie in parochial, förderverein klosterruine e.v., hochschule für grafik und buchkunst leipzig, seam weimar and the dutch embassy.


so. 16. juli 2006 -- bis 24:00 h
installation im hof -- bis um 22:00 h

finissage von tesla mit sonambiente und ausstellung

thur. 01. june to sun. 16. july 2006 --

tuesday -- sunday -- 2:00 -- 8:00 pm

singuhr -- hörgalerie in parochial, tower of the parochial church

two sound installations:

atem + innerest

miki yui [j/d]

the ambivalent relationship between inside and outside, light and dark, coincidence and composition features in the installations atem and innerest by the japanese artist, living in düsselsorf, miki yui in atem [in the tower room], half transparent, white paper strips create a softly billowing room-within-a-room, in which minimalist sounds in the interior melt into noises from outside. in innerest [in the bell chamber], miki yui has created a darkened place in which foil forms an abstract 'landscape' in which the sounds from the outside space are interwoven into a composition.

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a singuhr -- sound gallery in parochial -- berlin part of sonambiente berlin 2006 -- festival for listening und seeing.

thur. 01. june to sun. 16. july 2006 --

tuesday -- sunday -- 12:00 am -- 8:00 pm

ruins of the franciscan church of the grey cloister

sound art installation:


tamtam [sam auinger + hannes strobl] (a)

in the open ruin of the franciscan church of the grey cloister, tamtam [sam auinger und hannes strobl] have installed a poetic sound space with loudspeakers that plays with the space-time feeling of the visitor. the starting point of the installation is the neighbouring public space with its sounds and noises that swap its architectonic, social, functional and rhythmical structure in a complex game of exchange between perception and association. the musical language of the composition develops from the sound colours of the environment. sound material and compositional strategy fall into renewed dialogue again and again with the acoustic events of the location, changing and forming in this way the experience of the space.

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a tesla-berlin e.v. presentation in cooperation with the förderverein klosterruine e.v. as part ofsonambiente berlin 2006 -- festival for listening and seeing. with support from ske fonds wien, land tirol, land oberösterreich and linz kultur.

thur. 01. june to sun. 16. july 2006 --

tuesday -- sunday -- 4:00 -- 8:00 pm

tesla courtyard

sound installation:

pneumatic sound field

edwin van der heide [nl]

edwin van der heide uses air pressure to generate sound in his installation:
acoustic sound develops from temporally limited pressure differences in the air. a field of forty pressurised air valves is arranged over the heads of the audience in the courtyard of the podewils'schen palace. pneumatic sound field is an interactive installation using wind, pressure and sound to generate an architecture of sound. the movement of the air waves is measured by sensors and the analysed results influence the composition. through their presence and movement, the audience themselves take part in the spatial interplay of the air movement and the sound creating pressure valves.

the concept of the sound generation has been refined and augmented by edwin van der heide during his project residency at tesla.

a tesla-berlin e.v. production as part of sonambiente berlin 2006 -- festival for listening and seeing..with the support of the netherlands embassy, www.bibus.de -- your partner for innovative fluid technology.


thur. 01. june to sun. 16. july 2006 --

tuesday -- sunday -- 4:00 -- 10:00 pm

open on mon. 10. july

tesla kubus



carsten nicolai [d]

carsten nicolai's installation fades deals with the media of light and sound. fades is a video projection for a specially created environment. ultra-fine mist is sprayed into the space and materialises the white, projected light. the spectator experiences sound and image in the fleeting and overlaid moment of their hearing and sight perception. light shapes develop in cross-fades synchronised to a sculpted noise, passing through numerous linear, logarithmic, parabolic and hyperbolic processes. fades plays with the idea of making this mathematical vocabulary perceivable through the interaction of matter, sound and light.


a tesla-berlin e.v. production as part of sonambiente berlin 2006 -- festival for listening and seeing. in agreement with the galerie eigen + art leipzig / berlin.

thur. 01. june to sun. 16. july 2006 --

tuesday -- sunday -- 8:00 -- 10:00 pm

tesla studio 1

open studio:

public radio

ricardo miranda zuñiga [usa]

ricardo miranda zuñiga stations his public radio at tesla. during the entire sonambiente festival he is collecting acoustic events and commentaries from central berlin and broadcasting them daily on the radio initiative resident at tesla: radio radio1:1 for an hour. further broadcasts can be heard online on the sonambiente website and daily [except mondays] in studio 1. public broadcast cart is a mobile shopping trolley, which is kitted out with a microphone, mixer, amp, speakers, a mini-fm-transmitter and a wireless laptop. he enables the active participation of viewers and the surrounding area, which become producers and initiators, and the content of their own radio show.

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an event as part of sonambiente berlin 2006 - festival for hearing and seeing in collaboration with tesla-berlin e.v. and radio1:1.

thur. 1 june till sun. 16 july 2006 --
daily during times of operation

klosterstraße underground station

green break for jackson mac low

helen mirra [usa]

helen mirra's personal perspectives on time, space and travel and the relationship between people and nature make up the body of her work. layers of cultural, political and historic landscapes are opened up and questioned. different forms of memory and imagination as well as a sense of nostalgia typify her minimalist and poetic work.

'my artistic work covers a whole range of media such as film, video, sound work, text and sculpture. i am especially interested, in in the relationship between the natural environment and mankind's involvement in it in general. in early pieces i was concerned with themes like the killing of the forests, the ideology of economic growth, the building of railways and militarisation.'
[helen mirra]

a performance from sonambiente berlin 2006 -- festival for hearing und seeing with support from the bvg.

fri. 9./ sat. 10./ sun. 11. june 2006
fri. 23./ sat. 24. / sun. 25. june 2006
fri. 14./ sat. 15./ sun. 16. july 2006

-- at 4:00 / 6:00 / 8:00 pm

klosterstrasse quarter:

hollands doorzicht

cilia erens [nl]

cilia erens sends the spectator out with headphones and guides on an extensive sound walk through the klosterstrasse quarter. exemplary soundscapes from holland contrast the urban space with rurally influenced acoustic impressions.

registration for the participants [20 on each walk]: 030-24749805.

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in cooperation with the embassy of the kingdom of the netherlands in kooperation mit der botschaft des königreichs der niederlande. with the support ofthuiskopie fonds.

thur. 6. july 2006 -- 8:30 pm

sonambiente 5: ortsbezogenheit (site specificity)

robin minard [weimar], andreas oldörp [hamburg]in discussion with barbara barthelmes

sound art pieces are especially sensitive to the conditions of their presentation. the spatial, acoustic and architectural context of a piece is often not easy to separate in its reception from the work itself. because of its medium, sound art appears to be site specific art per se. the opportunities as well as the difficulties that result in the genesis like the conservation and commercialisation of pieces of sound art are the themes of the discussion between two sound artists and an academic.

fri. 07. july -- sun. 16. july 2006 --

tuesday -- sunday -- 4:00 to 10:00 pm

opening thur. 06. july -- 7:00 pm

tesla studio 2

rigid string geometry

audiovisual installation

the installation franz liszt museum 2006 has been developed by students from the hochschule für musik franz liszt and the bauhaus university weimar under the direction of robin minard [collaborators: hanns holger rutz, ludger hennig] as a site specific piece for the liszt-haus weimar. a vertically tensioned piano wire is stimulated into vibration by a feedback loop. the installation is now realised in an open studio context in a different spatial setting.

mitarbeiter: hanns holger rutz, ludger hennig
students: robert rehnig, sven raach

mo. 10. juli 2006 -- 18:00 bis 24:00 h

happy birthday, nikola tesla!

mit beiträgen von velimir abramovic, michael krause, jan-peter e.r. sonntag und henrik schwarz.

am 10. juli ist nikola teslas 150. geburtstag und t e s l a lädt zu einer soirée ins podewils'sche palais.

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thur. 13. july 2006 -- 8:30 pm

sonambiente 6: akustische environment (acoustic environments)

cilia erens [nl] and justin bennett [den haag] in discussion volker straebel

the sensitisation of the listener to his/her acoustic environment has driven concept and sound artists since the 1960s and declared an object of aesthetic work. contemporary tendencies will be discussed in conversation with two artists who have pursued different approaches in this area.