tesla zur transmediale

for the transmediale, tesla opens all of the studio doors. all weekend long, the development and production processes of media art can be experienced first-hand. parallel to the discourse on art and digital culture at the transmediale events in the akademie der künste, tesla brings producers, experts and interested visitors together in the media art laboratory. twelve artists and project groups currently working at tesla approach media-supported art in very different creative, technological and aesthetic ways. a visit to the 'open studio days' offers a rich and highly individual insight into current trends and perspectives.


kubus [chris salter]: 10 / 5 euros

admission to all other events is free.

reservations at kasse [at] tesla-berlin.de

tickets at the box office: 030. 247 49 777

thur. 01. | fri. 02. | sat. 03. feb. 2007 |6:00 to 11:00 pm

studio 1 | wed. to sat. | 18. jan. to 03. feb 2007 | 6:00 to 10:00 pm

sei personaggi part 2

valentina vuksic [ch]

valentina vuksic's six characters play through luigi pirandello's theatrical concept on a fictive electronic stage. in the system core of her computer, which is built up into a room installation, the mechanical dialogs pop, plop and crackle. the zürich-based artist records the processor's emissions, and in her studio, she amplifies, filters and modulates the sounds into a sound-setting, which uses an age-old loudspeaker system to emit a specific lo-fi character.


studio 2

desire of codes

seiko mikami [j]

the artist is developing a new version of her interactive installation at tesla. a matrix of sensors, light-spots, and surveillance cameras fills the room, following the the movements of the visitor. seiko mikami is in berlin as a visiting fellow at the udk until march, 2007.



audio kinematics

jost muxfeldt [d]

in this virtual kinetic sound-sculpture, the mechanical principles of a mobile determine the spatial distribution of sound. after his three-month-long project residence at tesla , the berlin-based composer and artist presents the first realisation of his work as an installation on the expansive rehearsal stage of the podewils'schen palais.


studio 142

g-turnes online store

jens brand [d]

the cologne-based intermedia artist puts an ironic twist on internet platforms, podcasts, and information fetishes of the web 2.0: the g-turnes online store fulfills all of the expectations which the title creates. together with sukandar kartadinata, brand with further develop and program the project during a residence at tesla.


studio 142


sukandar kartadinata [d]

during his glui residence, sukandar kartadinata is developing and realising technological solutions for various artistic projects. for 2007, his is preparing new workshops on sensors and interface technologies. together with jens brand, he is currently working on transforming gluion into an installation sculpture.


studio 144


reboot fm [d]

having realised the project radio 1:1 at  tesla in 2006, the community radio station reboot.fm has consolidated as an independent cultural radio in the form of blogs, podcasts, and web radio located at tesla. in addition to regular radio productions and recordings of events, this phase of the project focuses on the maintenance of an archive of independent radio projects in berlin.


studio 404

the spontaneous conversation index machine

omer krieger [israel]

scim constantly records the visitors' conversations and transcribes them into a tag cloud. these fragments are played back simultaneously in a secondary site: a live remix of words.  as though in a virtual social network, the utterances float through the room.


studio 408

recomputing space

rodrigo derteano [peru]

in his current work, the zürich-based artist examines the layers of sound and acoustic characteristics of urban space. a system of speakers, arranged serially on the floor, plays parallel-connected recordings of public plazas, fields, or street scenes, all of which merge to form a dense urban soundscape.


studio 411


gert-jan prins & bas van koolwijk [nl]

the difficulties of increasingly differentiated digital transmission signals cause despair in private users and media artists alike. for this reason, the two dutch audio and video artists decided to synchronize their digital and analog techniques to develop a user-friendly tool for video and audio production.


studio 412

equipment for living

jeff mann [can]

based on popular assumptions concerning technological machinery, the project works with industrial, scientific, and consumer electronic equipment. form and function are mixed, expanded and hybrids are formed to indicate the possibilities and dangers of the increasing integration of people and technology.


studio 414

room pieces

michael schumacher [usa]

during his work on the room pieces, michael schumacher made a series of field recordings. additional recordings were made, on which he himself plays piano and michael moser plays cello. and, there is a 10-channel sound system in his studio.


kubus | thurs. 01. | fri. 02. | sat. 03. feb. 2007 | 8:30pm


chris salter

schwelle is a broadly conceived three-part media art project on the oldest subject of humankind. it explores the borderlines of consciousness at the threshold [schwelle] of death. for transmediale '07, tesla presents parts 1 and 2.

the individual sections of this project are based on the tibetan book of the dead. this holy work is meant to be read in the last minutes of life and serves as a guide through the chaotic transition from life into death. each part takes the audience on a trip through various worlds of experience. part 1 is a tempestuous meditation, in which the moments leading up to death are experienced through imagery and sound.

in part 2, the audience observes artist michael schumacher, who danced with forsythe's ballett frankfurt for many years, as his body embarks on a material wandering. bathed in a halogen light-sphere in which color, intensity and sound are constantly changing, it remains material, yet it is no longer physical. cordless electronic sensors expand the environment of schwelle, allowing the artist's movements and gestures to control light, sound, and objects to create a choreographyin real-time. the dancer merges with the space around him.
the project is a co-production between artists and researchers from cultural and scientific instituations in germany, holland, canada, and the usa.

schwelle, part 2, is a workshop project, which was produced in 2006 in canada and berlin and will be performed at tesla zur transmediale.

foyer | tu. 30. jan. to sat. 03. feb. 2007 | 6:00 to 11:00 pm

michaela grill & martin siewert monroc, video, 2005.

three abstract studies form the strophes of a synaesthetic sound and image composition based on a photograph of the monroc facility, a shut-down factory for concrete and construction materials in idaho falls, usa.