pneumatic sound field
edwin van der heide [nl]
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thu. 01. june until su. 16. july 2006 --

tuesday -- sunday -- 4:00 -- 10:00 pm

tesla hof
sound installation

'in the sound installation pneumatic sound field wind, pressure and sound create a 'breathing' architecture out of sound structures. acoustic sound consists of changes in pressure in time. these permeate the air, which has its own environmental pressure.

most speakers use membranes in order to create acoustic sound. in pneumatic sound field compressed air is used to produce sound. the compressed air is modulated with valves and so creates pressure changes in the air in the surroundings. as compressed air is under more pressure that the surroundings, wind is produced in addition to the sound. one can see it as wind, containing sound.

pneumatic sound field consists of a lattice of 36 + 4 valves, which are mounted over the heads of the viewers in the garden of the podewils'schen palais. sound and wind cross this area at different speeds, in different directions and densities. the patterns are based on transmissions of real wind behaviour. they are used and combined so that they create various sequences, densities and spatial interferences. viewers are invited to find their own perspective on the spatial interplay of oscillating air, the pressure valves creating sound and the resulting composition.'
[edwin van der heide]

edwin van der heide [nl]
born 1970 in holland.

chair at the interfaculty sound & image [artscience] -- royal conservatory & royal arts academy in the hague, holland. professorship at the faculty of performing and creative arts of leiden university, holland. studies in sonology and composition of electronic music at the royal conservatory, the hague, holland. composer. numerous installations, performances and artist in residency programmes in europe, usa and asia

eine veranstaltung von tesla-berlin e.v. im rahmen von sonambiente berlin 2006 -- festival für hören und sehen. mit freundlicher unterstützung durch die botschaft des königreichs der niederlande, -- ihr partner für innovative fluidtechnik.