hollands doorzicht
cilia erens [nl]
DoorzichtBild.gif fri. 9./ sat. 10./ sun. 11. june 2006
fri. 23./ sat. 24. / sun. 25. june 2006
fri. 14./ sat. 15./ sun. 16. july 2006

4:00 / 6:00 / 8:00 pm

klosterstraßen quartier:

concept and sound: cilia erens
dramaturgy: robert steijn
management: mvwl/sophie lambo

grafic: sanne van rooij

cilia erens sends the spectator out with headphones on an extensive sound walk that transforms the area around klosterstrasse into an unusual sound-landscape. the group walks each start in the foyer of the podewils'schen palace and finish at the embassy of the kingdom of the netherlands.

cilia erens contrasts the visual atmosphere of the area with sound material from the netherlands and contrasts the urban space with rurally influenced acoustic impressions. the three-dimensional sound composition allows the spectator to experience the immediate area in a new way: the ears guide the eyes.

cilia erens has worked as a sound artist since 1997 on the boundaries between visual art, theatre, architecture and music. she uses pure, unprocessed sound in order to lead the fantasy on. her special area is the audible space.

to register for the walks [20 participants on each] please call 030 - 24 74 98 05 or here.

a tesla production in cooperation with the embassy of the kingdom of the netherlands. with support from the .