tamtam [sam auinger + hannes strobl] (a)
thu. 01. june until su. 16. july 2006 --

tuesday -- sunday -- 12:00 am -- 8:00 pm

ruine der franziskanerkirche zum grauen kloster

sound art installation

'the installation is a subtle play with the events of our surroundings on the level of sensory experience. the starting point is public space, with its sounds and noises, in its architectural, social, functional and rhythmic structure. these are the colours, that is, the characteristics with which sam auinger and hannes strobl develop the language of their composition for concrete space. environmental acoustic events and musical sequences recorded on site serve as sound material, which determines the temporal flow and the spatial form of the composition. the strategy of the installation is to form a steady dialogue between reality and imagination and to enable an open interaction between the 'external' world and the world of 'internal' ideas and perceptions. the sounds occurring in the surroundings, which has particular characteristics and features in each space -- it is loud or soft, light or dark, impulsive or subdued, clear or diffuse -- become colours of an instrument in the concept of the installation. the direct contact, capturing its atmosphere and particularity, as well as an exact analysis, reveals its variety. the pulsing of the city, the 'breath' of a place, is taken to a poetic and musical space in the installation, which moves sensual perception into the foreground. the 'aesthetic' space created here 'intones' by intuition, emotion and bodily feeling, becomes an obvious part of the sound environment, according to tamtam.

the large, seemingly incompatible contrasts of the metropolis -- the cars driving past the constant noise, the intoxication of the highly frequented main street at alexanderplatz on the one side, and the ruins of the fransiscan cloister church on the other, a space of contemplation and reflection -- are in this way so connected that they may be experienced in an individual way and do not stand in the way of the feeling of identity. the space itself is brought into relation with the 'feeling of self'. the city, its history, its architectural development, its social function and resulting 'announcements' are brought up for discussion as a part of ourselves. the colours of our environment are not only abstract signs and signals which serve to orient us, they are not a system which we should unconsciously abide by. colours have, like the installation by sam auinger and hannes strobl, a broad spectrum and are bound to a complex system of perception, to the light which they create and make disappear.'

[melanie uerlings]

sam auinger

born 1956 in linz, austria. education at bruckner - conservatory, linz (jazz division) and at mozarteum, salzburg (composition and computer music). lives and works since 1997 in berlin. since the early 80s intensive work with questions of composition, computer music, sound design and psychoacoustics. work for radio, dance theatre, film and sound installations, collaboration with bruce odland (o+a).

hannes strobl

born 1966; bass player and composer; developed a new musical language on the bass, numerous concerts in europe and usa. work for radio, dance, theatre, film and sound installations. collaborations with sam auinger (tamtam), hanno leichtmann (paloma), chris kondek a.o.

o+a soundart