time's up hub

time's up hub

for a whole month time's up transfers its laboratory for the construction of experimental situations from the harbour of linz to the media-art-laboratory tesla.

in the foyer, club and inner courtyard of the podewils'sches palais time's up presents new installations and interfaces, e.g. the movinginformationmachine and the adventurous playground, where the audience can playfully participate in the acoustic and architectural design of their environment. presentations and workshops as well as an open lab situation give insight into the working methods and approaches of the group. discussions and performances offer interfaces and sources of friction with other presentation formats, artists and topics. the central topic interface will also be examined in its double meaning in relation to the role and function of a media art house as a place for production and mediation.

between data flow and playground, workshop and public experiment, concert and performance, inside and outside, in a deck chair on the pool and at breakfast in the courtyard - the tesla / time's up hub gives the opportunity to docking, exchange, networking, to pass on and to mediate. a hub that brings the summer flair of the harbour of linz to berlin.

programmkonzeption und koordination:
carsten stabenow

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1. week

sat. 23. june 2007 | 8:30 pm: opening: movinginformationmachine (mim)

sat. 23. june 2007 | 8:30 pm: time's up remixed 0 remco packbiers (nl/d): p.a. dual monoturntabelism

2. week

27.june - 01.july | wed. - sun. | 5:00 - 10:00 pm: tesla and mim (open lab)

thurs. 28. june | 8:30 pm: salon I - time's up: projects, plans and working methods

fri. 29.june | 8:30 pm: opening: adventurous playground

sat. 30.june | 8:30 pm: time's up remixed I: the concept or mathematics and misunderstandings - performance - programme - open stage

nicolas bussmann (d)

3. week

04.july - 08.july | wed. - sun. | 5:00 - 10:00 pm: tesla and mim / adventurous playground (open for public)

05. july - 07. july | thurs. - sat.: workshop I - open interface workshop (please register)

thurs. 05. july | 8:30 pm: salon II - space strategies and sound studies

fri. 06. july | 8:30 pm: time's up remixed II: the device or object and desire - performance-programme - open stage

derek holzer (us/d): soundcontainer / sound transmission
wessel westerveld (nl) / viljam nybacka (fi): sound by sculpture

sat. 07. july | 8:30 pm: workshop I - presentation of the results

4. week

11. july - 15. july | wed. - sun. | 5:00 - 10:00 pm: tesla and mim / adventurous playground (open for public)

12. july - 14. july | thurs. - sat.: workshop II - the hub - interact with time's up

thurs. 12. july | 8:30 pm: salon III - ideal conditions - organisation, production, mediation

fri. 13. july | 8:30 pm: time's up remixed III: the field test or animals and men - performance-programme - open stage

marek brandt (d): musik für tiere (lecture)
laptoporchester (d): terry riley 'in c'
kotra (ukr): panic room

sat. 14. july | 8:30 pm: workshop II - presentation of the results - public experiment

sat. 14 july | 8:30 pm: time's up remixed III/2: last order -performance-programm - open stage

mattin (e/d): the beauty of anti
hassan khan (eg) + geert-jan hobijn (staalplaat soundsystem(nl): lust / figure and ground / tabla dubb

for the open interface workshop 05. july - 07. july: please register in advance: workshop [at] timesup.org - number of participants limited.