time's up

thurs. 28. june 2007 | 8:30 pm

salon I
time's up - projects, plans and working methods

time's up introduces their work at tesla and their projects in general.

tim boyket and tina auer www.timesup.org

moderation: carsten stabenow

thurs. 05. july 2007 | 8:30 pm

salon II
raumstrategien [space strategies] and sound studies: how to deal with public space - experiments in teaching

two new university classes, that represent different positions of how to deal with public space, present themselves. both positions show a comprehensive approach, which implies social, scientific and medial aspects in artistic and creative work.

prof. rainer w. ernst [masterclass 'raumstrategien (space strategies)' at the art school berlin weissensee] www.kh-berlin.de/khb-neu/dverz1/index.htm
prof. dr. holger schulze [masterclass sound studies at the university of arts berlin & students/projects]

moderation: carsten seiffarth [tesla]

thurs. 12. july 2007 | 8:30 pm

salon III
ideal conditions: organisation, production and mediation

various berlin project spaces, initiatives, and institutions present their artistic approach and organisation formats. which conditions for production and models of mediation are intended? what is the experience in practice?

carsten seiffarth [tesla]
jan rohlf / oliver baurhenn [disk/general public]www.generalpublic.de
torsten oetken / michael weinholzer [m12]) m12.visomat.com/
gregor hotz [ausland] ausland-berlin.de
stephen kovats [transmediale.de] www.transmediale.de/
martin howse [pickled feet] http://1010.co.uk

moderation: meike jansen [taz]