time's up


thurs. 05. july to sat. 07. july 2007 | 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

workshop I - public interface workshop

basic information on sensor technology - basic experiments with sensor systems

limited to max. 10 persons

basics :

this workshop is meant to give those new to sensor technology and eager to know and learn a rough overview: which sensors lead under use of certain input devices to partly planned, partly always surprising results. all information passed on in these days is based on knowledge of time's up's own experience and experiments - completeness will not be claimed therefore - the delight and joy at the experiment, the enforcedly goal-oriented trial are central.

conditions :

- laptop (ideally used by 2 persons - pair programming)
- installed and working version of max/msp/jitter or pd/gem (in case of different environments - e.g. vvvv, blender, fluxus, packet force ... - please contact time's up)
- interest in sensor technology, fun in experimenting


thur. 05. july 2007.

- short introduction in working methods and projects of time's up
- overview and introduction to for sensor technology useful applications of electronics (voltage, voltage divider ...)
- spectrum of input interfaces (arduino, glui, cerf, icube)
- different types of sensors
- potentiometer, pressure, acceleration, proximity, movement, rotation sensors, switches, photo resistors
- data flow over an ether network
- osc (opensoundcontrol)

fri. 06. july 2007.

- development of direct, straight control of simple output devices (e.g. ventilators) through interfaces like e.g. arduino

sat. 07. july 2007.

the adventurous playground, that has been installed by time's up at tesla, offers a number of input possibilities that can be read over a network and are to be used as a trigger for different audiovisual applications.

for the open interface workshop 05. july - 07. july: please register in advance: workshop [at] timesup.org - number of participants limited.

12.07 - 14.07. | thurs. - sat. | 4.00 - 8.00 pm

workshop II - the hub - interact with time's up

this workshop is primarily meant as a networking tool. the goal is to bring together and above all with time’s up resourceful, ingenious, keen to experiment, passionate people from different fields (situation architecture, digital art, temporary architecture, audiovisual design, club culture, acoustics, video, 3d modelling) who are interested in interdisciplinary crossover in the sense of a hybrid 'connect everything with everything'.

a direct interaction with time’s up’s installations movinginformationmachine and adventurous playground would be more than welcome – a sustained extension, a continuous networking, a long-term cooperation with berlin based artists who are active in similar areas, would be ingenious.

for interested and invited people it would make sense to contact time’s up already before the project starts – maybe at one of the planned programme events in the first two week of time’s up’s stay in berlin at tesla .

with: carlo crovato, martin howse, derek holzer, sara kolster, niklas roy, sven könig, sukandar kartadinata, alexej paryla, and others.