atem + innerest
miki yui [j/d]
060601atem2006.jpg thu. 01. june until su. 16. july 2006 --

tuesday -- sunday -- 2:00 -- 8:00 pm

singuhr -- hörgalerie in parochial, turm der parochialkirche

two sound installations

'two rooms of opposing character -- light and dark. two sound installations, breath and the most internal, to observe our acoustic perception from both sides. small sounds introduced to the materials and the spaces focus the ear on our surroundings.

a white sheet of paper
awaiting for an image
atem -- breath
awaiting to become music
blowing through us

paper walls transform a space into a sheet of paper. the movement of the air inside and outside the paper walls gently transform the room and the gaze of the viewer.

most interna
brick wall with low ceiling entering the space feels like into internal

various materials form a structure like a landscape on the floor. subdued lighting and subtle sounds refer to the changes slowly taking place on the inside.'
[miki yui]

miki yui

artist and composer,1971 in tokyo, lives and works in düsseldorf.

studies at the kunstakademie düsseldorf and at the kunsthochschule für medien in cologne. exhibitions in galleries and productions for theatre, dance and film/video in europe und japan.

an event by singuhr -- hörgalerie in parochial within sonambiente berlin 2006 -- festival für hören und sehen.