the kubus is the place for media performances, concerts and installations requiring large space. the 400 sqm wide multiperspectivical hall is equipped with a mobile stand (capacity: approx. 200 people) to be used on demand.

fri 06. jan. 2006 -- 8.30 pm

briefe nicht über die liebe

split screen video essay, bernhard sallmann

the soviet author and essayist viktor shklovsky (1893-1984) lived in the 20s as an emigrant in berlin and composed the book 'zoo or letters not about love' in the city. out of the fictional letters between the writer and the young russian woman, alia, a striking picture of life in a modern city emerges. shklovsky used the form for aesthetic and cultural studies essays, descriptions of the city and contemplation about alienation and emigration.


sat 07. jan. 2006 -- 3.00 pm

briefe nicht über die liebe [letters not about love]

shklovsky conference

the shklovsky conference consists of a reading from 'zoo or letters not about love' countered with lectures about the author who is rapidly slipping into obscurity. bernhard sallmann's video essay will be shown in the foyer parallel to the conference.


sat 14. jan. -- 8.30 h

the society of the spectacle

by guy debord

direction: stefan maria brettschneider

'the whole of life [...] appears as a tremendous accumulation of spectacle.
everything that is experienced directly has evaporated into a performance.'
[guy debord]

using the society of the spectacle, one the most influential texts of the 20 century, stefan maria brettschneider asks after its utopian potential. he makes his theatre performance an experimental arrangement, which aims at a spectacle without spectacle.


tues 17. jan. 2006 -- 8.00 pm

art's birthday / trans dada express

radio tesla special

on 17th january 1963, art was a million years old - at least that's what the fluxus artist robert filliou claimed. this proclamation has been celebrated around the world ever since. until 1000043. art's birthday networks the ars acustica group of the european broadcasting union with many sound artists and radio stations via satellite to make an international birthday party. the centrepiece is something congenial: dadaism is celebrating it's 90th and bestows the event it's motto, trans dada express..


-- 20:00 h --
compositionen and performances by tetsuo furudate, georg klein, miho iwata, die maulwerker


-- 22:00 h --
phonetic concert by valeri scherstjanoi


fr 20. jan. bis sa 28. jan. 2006
-- 18:00 bis 23:00 --

kubus -- klub -- studio 1 -- foyer

virtual electronic poem

poème électronique [1958]
von edgard varèse / iannis xenakis - rekonstruktion

kees tazelar fertigte auf der grundlage der original-tonbänder aus dem institut für sonologie den haag eine neue mehrkanalfassung des poème électronique an. diese wird zusammen mit einer doppelprojektion der film- und diaprojektionen installiert.

6-kanal-fassung von kees tazelaar mit doppelvideoprojektion des originalfilmmaterials

kees tazelaars webseite

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sat 28. jan. 2006
--8.00 pm --

präsentation der dvd: 50 years studio tu berlin

-- 10.00 pm --

konzert des elektronischen studios der tu berlin

leitung und klangregie: kees tazelaar

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fri 03. feb. to sat 18. feb. 2006
6.00 -- 11.00 pm

kubic's cube

installation / performance
pablo ventura / francisco lopez / louis phillip demers

launch of the installation:
fri 03 feb, 6:30 pm

every day 6.00 to 11.00 pm (except 12. + 13.feb.)

on fri 03 feb. -- 8:30 pm
on sat 04 feb. -- 8:30 pm
on sun 05 feb. -- 9:30 pm
on fri 10. feb. -- 8:30 pm
on sat 11. feb. -- 8:30 pm

a robot as the only actor in a dance piece and a space that starts moving -- 'kubic's cube' aims at a dance beyond the human body. pablo ventura sees his new work as intensive choreographic research into what 'dance expression'is. (how) can the illusion be produced, with the help of movement and sound, so that a machine dances?


das projekt wird von pro helvetia und club transmediale gefördert.

fri 24. feb. 2006 -- 8:30 pm

frozen records

sound performance with ice LPs
claudia märzendorfer/nik hummer [vienna]

music and records from ice

'temporarily released energy is transformed into a permanent physical form. just like in traditional sculpture. energy does not disappear - it changes. this transfer of energy is made clear by the application of ice as the medium for sound storage.' [nik hummer]


sat 25. feb. 2006 -- 8:30 pm

as though i didn't know already that the source of life is an absolute mystery

using omens in the composition of music.

'reading omens means something like the projection of a question onto a screen, to objectify the answers that come back. beyond that the process can probably never be explained, since omens occur whenever one notices that the universe can't be explained. the screen can be any action or event. one could say that omens are experiences that are metaphors for another experience. this is interesting because 'reality' is such a metaphor, a dream about the true nature of the universe.' [sam ashley]