briefe nicht über die liebe

bernhard sallmann:
briefe nicht über die liebe (letters not about love)

split screen video essay, germany 2006, digibeta

director: bernhard sallmann
camera: alexander gheorghiu
sound: johannes schmelzer-ziringer
montage: christoph krüger
voice: olga prolygina
production: performart/ klaus dörr

german language version 60 minutes.
russian language version 55 minutes.

fri 06. jan. 2006 -- 8.30 pm

'i think about viktorschklowski quite often [...] i think about him as a new type of author. he has the credentials for it.[...] viktor schklowski used his naked hands for a megaphone because he didn't have any other materials to hand at the time. [...] astuteness served as admixture. shklovsky is an astute man, impressive and very traditional. [...] an astute man doesn't protect his affairs: it is important for him that he appears in his affairs, his relationship to them is of the utmost importance to him. it is accurately called sentimentalism and all real sentimentalists were astute people.'
juri tynjanow ' i think about viktor shklovsky quite often...'(1928)

the soviet author and essayist viktor shklovsky (1893-1984) lived in the 20s as an emigrant in berlin and composed the book 'zoo or letters not about love' in the city. out of the fictional letters between the writer and the young russian woman, alia, a striking picture of life in a modern city
emerges. shklovsky used the form for aesthetic and cultural studies essays, descriptions of the city and contemplation about alienation and emigration. the austrian director bernhard sallmann gleaned the material for his complex split-screen video essay from writings about the author. he confronts shklovsky's description of the city with pictures and sounds from contemporary berlin and combines the silent film music of the 20s with the possibilities of digital collage. passages from shklovsky's texts are read in russian and german by russians living in berlin and overlayed graphically.

german language version 60 minutes at 8.30 pm
russian language version 55 minutes at 9.30 pm

entrance: 5 euros

sat 07. jan. 2006 -- from 3.00 pm -- klub

free entrance

the shklovsky conference consists of a reading from 'zoo or letters not
about love'
countered with lectures about the author who is rapidly slipping into obscurity. bernhard sallmann's video essay will be shown in the foyer parallel to the conference.

3.00 pm opening: klaus dörr

3.10 pm hartmut fischer: reading from 'zoo or letters not about love' (1923) by viktor shklovsky

3.45 pm fritz mierau: the gloss and powerlessness of astuteness. notes on concepts in the work of viktor shklovsky

4.15 - 4.25 pm - break -

4.25 pm aljoscha kairetdinov: beckett, shklovsky, alienation

4.45 pm martin chalmers: viktor shklovsky in the english speaking world

5.15 - 5.25 pm - break -

5.25 pm andreas hofbauer: topology and psychogeography in viktor shklovsky's 'zoo or
letters not about love'

5.55 pm volker pantenburg: shklovsky, the film, the media

6.25 - 6.35 pm - break -

6.35 pm closing plenum with the speakers and bernhard sallmann

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