virtual electronic poem
varèse / xenakis / le corbusier
poème électronique (1958) - eine virtuelle rekonstruktion

-- series of performances with installations, talks and concert --

-- tues 17 jan. until sat 28 jan. 2006 --
-- 6pm until 11pm --
-- kubus -- klub -- studio 1 -- foyer --

'je ne ferai pas de pavillon; je ferai un poème électronique avec la bouteille qui le contiendra. La bouteille sera le pavillon, et il n'y aura pas de façade à cette bouteille." (le corbusier, quote from o. vivier: 'varèse', paris, seuil 1973, p. 161)

the poème électronique is deemed to be one of the first multi-media installations: le corbusier designed the pavilion of the philips company for the 1958 world fair in brussels. the concept was realised architecturally by iannis xenakis in a futuristic-looking form. the pavilion was the setting for an exhibition which filled the space with film and slide projections, a light display and electronic music by edgard varèse (made in the philips studio). around two million people visited the pavilion to experience a total immersion in sound, image and architecture.

the philips pavilion was completely torn down after the world fair. what remained were fragments such as photographs and sketches for the architecture, the projected images as video tape in the philips archives as well as a stereo version of varèse and xenakis' music.

virtual electronic poem is the title of the virtual reconstruction of the philips pavilion, developed in collaboration with several european universities. the project is at the cutting edge of architectural history, multimedia installation and vr (virtual reality) design. it is presented by tesla with an accompanying programme of discussions, video documentation and a concert.

di 17. jan. bis sa 28. jan. 2006
18:00 -- 23:00 h

-- foyer --
virtual electronic poem


tv-dokumentation des philips-pavillon
auf der weltausstellung 1958 in brüssel

thu 19. jan. 2006 -- 8.30 pm

virtual electronic poem

salon I
music and architecture

with: helga de la motte-haber and andré meyer

already in the 19th century the discussion about music as frozen architecture and the intimate connection of the two art forms was being considered. this connection was already personified through the poème électronique by iannis xenakis as he was both involved as architect and the then assistant of le corbusier as well as composer. edgard varèses participation in this multimedia gesamtkunstwerk was achieved by le corbusier totally against the will of his clients.

was the coming together of sound and built art forms thus made manifest bythe poème électronique?

fr 20. jan. 2006 bis fr 27. jan. 2006 -- 18:00 h -- 23:00 h

virtual electronic poem

poème électronique [1958]
von edgard varèse / iannis xenakis - rekonstruktion

6-kanal-fassung von kees tazelaar mit doppelvideoprojektion des originalfilmmaterials

fri 20. jan. 2006 -- fri 27. jan. 2006 -- 6.00 pm -- 11.00 pm

virtual electronic poem

poème électronique [1958]
von edgard varèse / iannis xenakis - rekonstruktion

6-channel version by kees tazelaar with a double video projection of the original film material

edgard varèse composed the poème électronique for the philips pavilion. he produced four tapes, which had to be played at the same time in order to hear the complete piece. in the 1960s, frits weiland produced a four-channel-version of the music, which was referred to as the 'master' from then on.

kees tazelaar has made a new multi-channel version of the poème électronique for the institute of sonology in the hague, based on the original tapes. through a recourse to varèses' master tapesa and the use of a computer, a better synchronisation of the channels is possible. in addition, tazelaar found the 2 minute electronic music piece that was played in the brussels pavilion as intermezzo and later became known as 'concret ph', on the original tapes.

the reconstructed poème électronique will be installed together with a double projection of the original film material in the kubus.

kees tazelaars webseite

fr 20. jan. until sa 28. jan. 2006
6:00 -- 11:00 pm

-- studio 1 --

virtual electronic poem

audiovisual 3d-projection

individual presentation (reservation virtual electronic poem)
the virtual electronic poem, the virtual reconstruction of the philips pavilion, makes an all-encompassing experience of the poème électronique possible for the visitor. s/he can 'flanier' through the pavilion and take in the audiovisual interplay from various standpoints. the reconstruction of this early multimedia installation has been made possible through the cooperation of various european universities. video and sound material have been reconstructed, digital models have been produced of the space, and an acoustic simulation of the pavilion has been constructed in order to produce the authentic sound effect of the building.

after its premiere at the icmc [international computer music conference], the virtual electronic poem is able to be experienced here for the first time in germany.

entwicklung des virtual electronic poem:

virtual reality and multi media park [turin, italien]
university of bath [england]
technische universität berlin [deutschland]
silesian university of technology [gliwice, polen]

tue 24. jan. 2006 -- 8.30 pm

virtual electronic poem

salon II

technologies towards a reconstruction of the poème électronique

with: stefan weinzierl, and kees tazelaar

the philips pavilion was completely torn down after the 1958 world fair; apart from varèses' music tapes of the poème électronique, only documentary evidence remains. the attempt to make the gesamtkunstwerk from that time tangible will be undertaken through this reconstruction, presented by tesla.

what techniques are the basis of reconstructions? and: can reconstruction capture lost reality once more?

thurs 26. jan. -- 8.30 pm

virtual electronic poem

salon III

media art in cultural memory

with: christina kubisch and wolfgang ernst

from a more general outlook, projects like the reconstruction of the poème électronique have raised questions about the maintenance of media art. what remains after the event is manifested as performance or installation? as the experience with such work as collection, reconstruction, documentation etc. is relatively new, real problems arise in museums and exhibition work, as well as gaining access for theory and criticism.

how, therefore, does media art become archived?

sa 28. jan. 2006

-- 20:00 h --

präsentation der dvd: 50 years studio tu berlin

die dvd zeigt den werdegang des elektronischen studios der tu berlin, das im jahre 2004 sein 50jähriges bestehen gefeiert hat. sie enthält die reich bebilderte studiogeschichte und eine vielzahl wichtiger elektroakustischer werke.

-- 22:00 h --

konzert des elektronischen studios der tu berlin

leitung und klangregie: kees tazelaar

gottfried michael koenig
klangfiguren II (1955/1956)

györgy ligeti
pièce électronique nr. 3 (1957/1996)

kees tazelaar
lasciar vibrare v.4 (2004)
deutsche erstaufführung

luctor ponse
nacht (1965)

dick raaijmakers
canon 1 / canon 5 aus: 5 canons (1965)

kees tazelaar
phalanxes (2005 UA)

gottfried michael koenig
funktion grau

partner der virtuellen rekonstruktion/audiovisuellen präsentation: multimedia park

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