performance, concert, installation

fri. 15. and sat. 16. sept. 2006

picturing free knowledge

two video programs for wizards of os 4

fri. 15. sept. 2006 | 8:30 pm

picturing free knowledge 1:

image banks

videos by johanna billing, neil cummings/marzsia lewandowska/eileen simpson/ben white, nina fischer/maroan el sani, nate harrison, sean snyder, vitoria mario, carey young, florian zeyfang u.a.

the program assembles artistic reflections on the cultural and political significance of current image archives.

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from 10:00 pm | klub

radio cidadao comum:

netbatucadabrasileira on free and piracy music

sat. 16. sept. 2006 | 8:30 pm

picturing free knowledge 2:

image agents

videos by anna margarita albelo [la chocha], anja kirschner, dariusz kowalski, tobias werkner, stina wirfelt and others.

the selected videos make productive use of existing visual material, or pursue new concepts of media knowledge production.

from 10:00 pm | klub

mytube & yourspace

from dj hugo chavez & vj ahmedinejad

as a partner in the conference, wizards of os 4 - information freedom rules, tesla presents two video programs curated by vera tollmann. starting from the debate over copyrights, picturing free knowledge is concerned with the privatisation of large numbers of images in data banks, and with possible such alternatives for image production as the mobile phone, which fall in the grey areas of copyright laws. the aesthetic of current news images is determined by standards of market compatibility. entire image archives, intended to survive for centuries, are being put in storage and only released for a fee. which standardised images determine the media discourse today? for owners of popular file-sharing networks, detailed user profiles are of utmost interest: what will today’s clientele be looking at tomorrow? what methods are established within the extensive production of online video communities? is knowledge becoming more accessible, or are there ever more secrets? the program presents artistic strategies which reflect the visual representation of power relations and media image policies. for a moment, the logic behind the circulation of capitalist value is exposed. in other cases, works ally themselves with the current demand for a more liberal treatment of images.


premium content guaranteed.

thur. 21. to sun. 24. sept. 2006 | 6:00 to 10:00 pm


video installation

concept, realisation:herwig turk [p/a] günter stöger [d/a]
cooperation: paulo pereira [p] beatriz cantinho [p] bärbel buck [p]

opening: thurs. 21. sept. | 6:00 pm -- discussion to follow | 8:30 pm

'blinddate is an ongoing research project on life in the laboratory and representations of scientific language; limitations are indicated, and traditional borders to the world beyond the lab are crossed. the project is not a documentary, in the true sense of the term, about the the events in a laboratory. rather, it is an experiment in real time, with the laboratory as location and the people in it as object.'
paulo pereira, coimbra 2006.

fri. 29. sept. 2006 | 8:30 pm

phosphor: ensemble music

burkhard beins: percussion, objects
axel dörner: trompet, laptop
robin hayward: tuba
annette krebs: electric guitar, mixing console, objects
andrea neumann: inside-piano, mixing console
michael renkel: concert guitar, laptop
ignaz schick: live-electronics, turntable

a two-week stint at tesla offers the berlin-based ensemble the unique opportunity to analyse the current state of it's musical development, and to explore individual ensemble members' new conceptual and compositional ideas. the results of their work will be presented on this concert evening.

sat. 30. sept. 2006 | 8:30 pm

screen play

video concert performanceby christian marclay [usa] with ensemble phosphor

new york artist and composer christian marclay presents screen play, a notation comprised of moving images. found footage combines with computer animation in a projection to be interpreted by live musicians in a full evening’s performance.

'I composed a silent collage of found film footage partially layered with computer graphics to provide a framework in which live music can develop. moving images and graphics give musicians visual cues suggesting emotion, energy, rhythm, pitch, volume, and duration. i believe in the power of images to evoke sound.'
christian marclay.

in the spirit of the tradition of graphic notation, marclay creates a score which leaves sufficient room for interpretation and improvisation. the german premiere at tesla is performed by three different constellations of musicians from ensemble phosphor.

was realised with support from eyebeam's moving image commission and is presented with support from eyebeam and performa, new york.

fri. 06. oct. 2006 | 8:30 pm

maulwerker -- performing music:

translationen -- translations, transmissions and the poetry of misunderstanding

antje vowinckels text-sound-collage is based on language courses from the 1950's - 70's. in steffi weismann's apropos, human voices transmit the synthetic sound of computer voices. christian kesten translates the concrete poetry of a swedish textbook dialogue into a changing micro-tonal song. ariane jeßulat composes lists of french words arranged according to their tonality. robin hayward filters consonants through changing lip positions. in travis just's quintet, consonant textures and vowel suspensions are juxtaposed. sven-ake johansson sets words moving from left to right and back through space.

a production of maulwerker, with kind support from the initiative neue musik berlin.

sat. 07. oct. 2006 | 8:30 pm

berliner gesellschaft für neue musik [bgnm]:

einfach kompliziert 4 -- as simple as a beginning


walter zimmermann 'beginner's mind' [1975] for piano
piano: daniel seel

discussion with walter zimmermann to follow.
moderation: martina seeber

this discussion-concert, the berlin premiere of walter zimmermann's beginner's mind, is the fourth event in the bgnm's yearly program. it casts light on the now historical neue einfachheit and asks what place the conflict still occupies today.

fri. 13 and sat. 14. oct. 2006 | 8:30 pm

operabil kobe

opera module by egon march institut

sumi masayuki: dance
barbara thun: voice

operabil kobe is a module of a media opera in the making. it takes place on the eurasian highway which links europe with china and japan. marko kosnik, originally from slovenia, uses his media tools for the task of connecting the two ends of the new silk road. the bomb is the hidden link, functioning deep within the history of the contemporary world. operabil kobe posits the bomb as the most important catalyst of the global information community.

sumi masayuki, legendary in japan, dances his own minimalist classical ritual. he is mirrored on several planes of projection by kosnik's interactive live video processing. berlin-based vocalist barbara thun joins in, singing the bomb manifesto.

operabil kobe is a production of sumish dance camp, kobe; egon-march-institute, ljubljana; tesla, berlin and kibla, maribor. supported by the ministry of culture of the republic of slovenia.

fri. 20. oct. 2006 | 8:30 pm

nori [for ensemble]

improvisational performance by boris d hegenbart-matsui [d]
with ensemble zwischentöne

the laptop artist, boris d hegenbart-matsui, specialises in the connection of digital electronics with acoustic instruments and speech recordings. the composition, nori, focuses on the communication between the composer and the interpreting and improvising instrumentalists in a shared performance. hegenbart leads and stimulates the ensemble using turbulent computer graphics, which provide the musicians with a model for improvisation. the graphic scores arise based on a live performance of electronic sounds, which will only be heard in the second part of the evening. nori is intended as an inspirational toy and interface for the ensemble.


maryanne amacher [usa]

the best-known american sound artist, winner of last year's prix ars electronica in the category of digital music, has been particularly occupied with the physical sciences for years. at the moment, it is nuclear physics which fascinates amacher. aspects of her current examination of the phenomenon of gravity will flow into the concert performances. maryanne amacher is in berlin by invitation from the daad artists-in-residence program on the occasion of her exhibition, gravity, in the singuhr -- sound gallery in parochial in berlin.

with kind support from the daad artists-in-residence program and from the electronic studios of the tu berlin.

sat. 21. oct. 2006 | 8:30 pm

zinc & copper works

experimental brass
works by robin hayward, stefan bartling, alvin lucier and marc sabat

dianna gaetjens: horn
robin hayward: tuba
daniël ploeger: trombone

zinc & copper works is a variable brass ensemble. the instruments are used as sound generators, are unconventionally tuned, or connected with current technology. the four composers made use of these various possibilities for their new works, which come together to form a concert program rich in contrasts.

a production of zinc & copper works, with kind support from the initiative neue musik berlin.

mon. 16. to tue. 31. oct. 2006 | mon. to fri.| at 1:00 | 2:00 | 3:00 | 4:00 pm

michelle teran [can]:

exploration #5

installation | radio walk [by personal appointment]

'I think I understand know. I have refined my equipment and my tactics. I am prepared to dedicate myself to the observation of the building itself and to it's secrets. tomorrow, I will go on my final walk through the building.'
[from a diary found in the podewils'sches palais]

exploration #5 is a voyage through secrets and along coincidental meetings with people and rooms in the podewils'sches palais. before finally disappearing, [...] took a last walk around. this repetition of [...]'s walk tracks down and points out transmissions in the hallways, rooms and offices of the podewils'sches palais

in the last two weeks of october, visitors will be able to take this walk by first visiting the institute for the examination of transient encounters, in studio 1 of the podewils'sches palais.

reservations required!

either by email:
misha [at] ubermatic.org

or in person at:
open studio1 tue. to sat. | 15. sept. to 07. oct. | 6:00 ­- 10:00 pm

with the kind support of the canada council for the arts.
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fri. 27. oct. to sun. 05 nov. 2006 | tues. to sun. | 6:00 to 10:00 pm

paul demarinis [usa]:

the messenger


opening: thurs. 26. oct. | 6:00 pm

the interactive installation, the messenger, is based on early proposals for the electronic telegraph, in particular those made by the catalan doctor and naturalist francisco salvá. as 'receiver' for his telegraph, salvá designated 26 servants. when 'stimulated' by an electric shock, each called out one letter of the transmitted message, which was thus gradually revealed to the listener.

email messages sent from around the world are received by a computer and spelled out, one letter at a time, by three fanciful telegraph receivers: a circular array of 26 talking chamber pots speaks out the letters in 26 different voices. another receiver is made up of a chorus line of 26 little dancing skeletons. each wears a tiny poncho emblazoned with a letter of the alphabet. when each letter of a message is activated, the skeleton jumps, producing a danse macabre as the email messages roll off the internet.
the third telegraphic receiver is a line of 26 antique glass jars, each filled with an electrolyte and representing one letter of the alphabet, which glows colorfully when stimulated by an electronic impulse and a chemical reaction.

the system can neither save nor process the messages. unless the signals are observed, written down and interpreted, the installation is the final meaningless terminus for messages that have travelled around the world and died. the machine becomes an allegory for fleeting communication and the forgotten.

for this installation, paul demarinis was awarded this year's prix ars electronica in the category interactive art.

thanks to the ok center for contemporary art, linz and the aec.