project residency

basis für die entwicklung und produktion künstlerischer projekte und netzwerke

tesla is berlin's laboratory for media art. as well as this, tesla offers performance spaces and discussion forum scholarships in the context of b>project residencies. these give space to the interdisciplinary relationship between art and media and facilitate working processes at the interface between old and new media.

these up to half-year project residencies, are planned with the artists and the producers together and can take very different shapes - from the allocation of an studio through to intensive support of technical development and the presentation of completed work. in the six studios artistic productions are prepared, interfaces developed or exhibitions prepared.

tesla wants to facilitate open and process-orientated works with the project residencies. artistic research rather than the finishing of a piece is foregrounded. the working process is introduced to the public through the salon talks and in an open studio set-up. interested visitors can experience the work in progress and discuss it with the project planners.

michelle teran [can]

exploration #5

michelle teran's new video installation, which will be presented at tesla in october, lays itself like a veil over the architectonic surfaces of buildings and documents the different time layers and stories of the façades.

jocelyn robert [can]


jocelyn robert works during his project residency on a software tool for real-time composition of audio as well as video animation.

sukandar kartadinata [d]


sukandar kartadinata prepares a graphic-less user interface workshop around sensors and interface technologies for interactive installations and robots for tesla with sonambiente.

reboot fm [d]

radio 1:1

radio1:1 develops a novel format of cultural radio for the summer of 2006 in UHF and for the web. as the further development of and, an automated docu-radio is created from recordings of concerts, parties, readings, lectures and discussions.

anne wellmer [d]


anne wellmer develops a project for tesla around one of the most important dutch composers and artists, dick raaijmakers, who is until now less well known in germany.


project group with producers from poland, russia, the ukraine, israel and germany
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edwin van der heide [nl]

pneumatic sound field

see installation

lynn pook & julien clauss [f]

réactions épidermiques

lynn pook works in various projects with the phenomenon of body sound waves. small loudspeakers, attached directly to the spectator's body or hidden in reclining chairs, vibrate through the frequency of the resonant space of the body. the senses of touch and hearing melt into one another.

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