the kubus is the place for media performances, concerts and installations requiring large space. the 400 sqm wide multiperspectivical hall is equipped with a mobile stand (capacity: approx. 200 people) to be used on demand.

fri. 28 april -- sat. 13. may 2006



installation/ concert / exhibition

fri. 28. april 2006 -- 7:00 pm -- opening

fri. 28. april 2006 -- 8:30 pm -- concert

sat. 29. april to sat. 13. may -- 6:00 to 11:00 pm -- tuesday to saturday -- exhibition

bioskop is a walk-in installation by videoartist llillevan, composer zeitblom and architects christian fuchs and jörg lammers [on architektur].

for the cinematic installation bioskop the artists involved explored the history of film, its scores and the cinema as a setting within the media and have dealt with all these facets intensively and extensively. artefacts from films and scores were processed, collaged and densely knit into a meta-film. the formal basic elements of the medium film are the central issue of bioskop. the result could therefore be called an absolute film.

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emily on the rocks - take two

a panorama with texts by emily dickinson
by penelope wehrli

installation and performance

with rickie eden, sophia new, paula e. paul, julie randall
music: hans peter kuhn
costume: ellen hofmann

fri. 03. -- sat. 11. march
6:00 -- 11:00 pm
[closed on sunday and monday]

fri. 03./ sat. 04./ fri. 10./ sat. 11. march -- 8:30 pm

emily on the rocks -- take two is an approach to the language of the american poet emily dickinson who lived as a recluse in her parent's house in the 19th century. her surreal and atonal language patterns elude quick understanding, her style is characterised by an extreme economy and vexing omissions.


sat. 18. march -- 8:30 pm

workspace projects

harvestworks new york

audio & video produktionen

the new york media centre harvestworks presents workspace projects 2005. a selection of video and sound productions that investigate the artistic possibilities of 5.1 surround technology.

shelley hirsch: stop scratchin' that gash
chris mann: the plato songs
michelle nagai: excerpt from 'moving off center'
dafna naphtali: weezer
marina rosenfeld: cephissus landscape
hans tammen: balance of power
stephen vitiello: in the high and highest places
david behrman: useful information
matthew ostrowski: insomnia
roger welch: round one
josely carvalho: book of roofs
ursula scherrer & michael schumacher: london heathrow
abigail child: blonde fur
lovid (tali hinkis & kyle lapidus): sunny nights

with harvestworks and freies rheinland e.v.

eintritt: 10.-/5.- euro


thurs. 23. to sat. 25. march -- 8:30 pm


alosio avaz:

football performance

a football field. somewhere. four people meet. have they met once before? is it about strangers in a familiar environment or familiarity in a strange environment? or just about doppelgangers? video projections break through the space, a visual diary of a journey impressions from another reality. these pictures full of hope and optimism raise questions in the people on stage, questions about their wishes, their longings, their fears, their frustrations, their failures, their successes and their identity. a constant dialogue between these two worlds is produced, in which the ball is in play until you reach your goal. but what is the goal?

entrance: 10.-/5.- euro


sun. 26. march 2006 -- 8:30 pm

the wardenclyffe project

pact systems / signal klangperformance
with marko peljhan, aljosa abrahamsberg, olaf bender, frank bretschneider, carsten nicolai

the wardenclyffe project taps into the wireless communication channels around the podewils'sche palais. radio and satellite signals will be manipulated under musical and aesthetic criteria, made audible and visible and fed back into the 'aether'.


fri. 31. march and sat. 01. april -- 8:30 pm

medea werden (becoming medea)

matthias rebstock

music theatre by leitundlause after 'je déviendrai médée' by jacques demierre

matthias rebstock adapts the classical medea archetype for a present characterised by terror, vengeance and suicide bombings. his piece records in a documentary way the monstrosity of the attacks in tel aviv, beslan and moscow and searches within them for the faces of the reincarnated mythological avenger.


entrance: 10.-/5.- euro

fri 7 april and sat 8 april 2006 - 8.30 pm

perceivable bodies

frieder weiss / emily fernandez

installation / performance

with the help of camera motion sensing and sensor interfaces, frieder weiss investigates body-image and altered perception in this digital age through a series of installations and dance performances.

entrance: 5.- euro

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fri. 14. april 2006 -- 8:30 pm

collective identities


the british improvisation musicians chris burn, john butcher and john edwards form the core trio for the collective identitiesproject. alongside their many years of experience in improvising together the trio will work with a whole handful of unusual musicians to musically analyse the concept of collected identities.

entrance: 10.-/5.- euro

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fri. 21. april 2006 until sun. 23. april 2006 -- 8:30 pm


jo fabian department


in october 2005, livingtypes.as invited the spectators to choreograph. they controlled the two dancers, the lights, video clips and sounds from the edges of the dance floor using keyboards with one of the controller software specially developed for this purpose. with livingtypes.compiler, jo fabian has relinquished even more of his authority.

entrance: 10.-/5.- euro

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