project residency

basis für die entwicklung und produktion künstlerischer projekte und netzwerke

martin riches [gb] / roland pfrengle [d]:

talking machine

martin riches' talking machine is a sound apparatus which uses purely acoustic means for the synthetic production of language. it consists of 32 organ pipes, each one a simplified version of the human vocal tract. for the talking machine, roland pfrengle developed a new control interface based on the program supercollider.

in a sound performance on november 17th, american sound artist steve roden will explore the analogue speech machine as an instrument for sounds of language and air.

the project klangapparate is realised with considerable support from hauptstadtkulturfonds.

thilges [a]:

thilges trautonium

the electronic music group from vienna extends the trautonium into the room. the principle of its sound production is realised as an installation comprised of oscillators and loudspeakers. thilges explores how the spatial relations of individual sounds produce complex mixtures and tone qualities.

on november 18th, they play the thilges trautonium in a sound performance in the kubus.


adam donovan [aus]:

the glass trap project

a voyeuristic 3-d film. the appeal of donovan's anaglyph stereo film is in fleeting glimpses into unknown homes and the virtual entrance into the private spheres of strangers.

seiko mikami [j]:

desire of codes

sukandar kartadinata [d]:


sukandar kartadinata develops and provides technological solutions for the most varied artistic projects. for 2007, he is preparing new workshops about sensors and interface technologies.

valentina vuksic [ch]:


reboot fm 2.0 [d]

the community radio from the spring of 2004, and radio 1:1 from the summer of 2006, have consolidated into a blog, podcast, and net radio. in addition to regular radio productions and recordings of events, this phase of the project focuses on the maintenance of an archive of independent radio projects in berlin.

reboot fm 2.0

jost muxfeldt [d]:

mobile nodes

mobile nodes is a virtual kinetic sound sculpture, in which the mechanical principles of a mobile determine the dimensions of the sound. this principle is based on a binary tree structure and circular movements. the first implementation will be presented as an installation in open studio 2 in january, 2007.

jost muxfeldt

thom kubli [d]:

global contentifier

global contentifier is a kind of wish-machine for political matters, which is conceived as a sculpture for the urban sphere. the extension of the sculpture into software on the internet creates the possibility for a global intervention. after completing the max/msp programming, kubli begins an active test phase, with audience participation via website and telephone interface.

michael schumacher [usa]: