radio tesla im oktober:
hörspiel, feature, radiokunst aus vergangenheit, gegenwart und zukunft des mediums

home, work, and the car: the places where millions of people listen to the radio. while the car continually changes location, a radio program offers a resting point: one sits in the automobile and listens to the radio while the car speeds throught the world. the link between cars and radio began with georg frost, the president of the lane high school radio club in chicago. legend has it that he had already built a radio into his car in 1922. the first european car radio was presented at the berlin radio and television exhibition in 1932: the autosuper 5. beginning in 1958, there were record players which could be installed under the dashboard. today, the possibilities of bluetooth and usb interface seem so advanced, that the term car radio hardly seems to apply.

since driving leaves the mind relatively free and most drivers still tend to travel alone, the car provides a unique situation for deep concentration on the content and atmosphere of the broadcast. despite these ideal conditions, auto-radio has yet to develop beyond a general concept of service radio. thoroughness and frequency of traffic reports remain the clearest parameters to judge the percentage of drivers in the target group of the radio stations. instead of offering programming appropriate to the contemplative moment of driving, stations take the exact opposite approach, broadcasting at an ever faster tempo: a decision which contributes to the boom in the audio book industry.

wed. 04. oct. 2006 | 8:30 pm


jan peters: november 1 ­ 30 [abz. hamburg 1998]

30 rolls of super-8 film: a self-portrait about highways, child abusers, and the bridges of paris.

mi. 11. okt. 2006 | 20:30 h


christian scholz: my american dream -- ein road-movie fürs radio [sfb1998]

a road trip, determined by the rhythms of music.

wed 18. oct. 2006 | 8:30 pm


sven-åke johansson:
concerto for mc [h-d] and mixed choir [auff. marstall berlin, 2000]
tüüt [saarländischer rundfunk1998]
konzert für 12 traktoren [auff. brösarp, schweden 2002]

in the presence of sven-åke johansson.

wed. 25. oct. 2006 | 8:30 pm


art in traffic [in the context of radioterritories]

on radio interventions at the platz der luftbrücke. in the presence of wolfgang kemptner.

radio tesla presents programs, fragments and impressions from the past, present and future of radio.  as an integral part of the schedule at tesla im podewils'schen palais, the series explores the artistic and historical dimensions of the medium of radio, which was, after all, invented by nikola tesla himself.

radio tesla is presented every wednesday evening at eight-thirty, admission is free.  each month is dedicated to a specific theme, and each evening concentrates on one genre: on the first wednesday of the month, a radio play or other fictional work is offered. the following week, the focus is on features and other non-fiction.  the third wednesday is reserved for ars acustica and radio art, and on the fourth wednesday of the month, labeled "grenzen" ("borders"), unconventional, uncensored independent forms will be offered.  In months which have a fifth wednesday, a "bonus track" will take the month's theme one step further.
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