the video art program: a weekly changing selection of historic and recent videos, project documentations as well as award winnig tapes from international media art festivals. tuesday till saturday, 6:00 pm till midnight, free admission.

tues 14. feb 2006 till sat 28. feb. 2006
from 6.00 pm till 11.00 pm

dietmar offenhuber / tamtam:


tue 01. march 2006 to sat 11. march 2006
6:00 -- 11:00 pm

penelope wehrli:

e.d.'s favorite words


sat 07. jan. 2006
3.00 -- 11.00 pm

bernhard sallmann:

briefe nicht über die liebe

tues 10. jan 2006 till sat 14. jan. 2006
6.00 -- 11.00 pm

stefan maria bretschneider:


tues 17. jan till sat 28. jan. 2006
06.00 -- 11.00 pm

virtual electronic poem

tv-dokumentation des philips-pavillon
auf der weltausstellung 1958 in brüssel

tues 31. jan. 2006 till sat 11. feb. 2006
6.00 -- 11:00 pm

rybn (fr):


the installation project EEE008 is a consideration of the urban environment, and question the audience in a sensory way, on political and sociological problems of architecture. the urbanism is used as a metaphor of modern society.

with transmediale

fri 03. feb. 2006 -- sat 11. feb. 2006
6.00 -- 11.00 pm
-- rotunda --

claudia x. valdes:



according to the world almanac, there are 192 officially recognized countries in the world. 192:291 is composed of 192 repetitions of a film tiled at half-second intervals. the content of this film is the first-ever-televised broadcast of an atomic bomb test done on march 17, 1953 at yucca flats, nevada, narrated by the broadcaster walter cronkite. we are seduced by the sublime visual qualities of nuclear explosions. yet this attraction is coupled with a horror which stems from understanding the destructive power of such instruments. the viewer, observing the work can calculate: if a bomb would explode every half a second like in the video, every of the 192 countries in the world were hit 3 times in 5 minutes. in analogy to the length of the video the destruction of the world would occur in 5 minutes.