der domestizierte blitz:
elektrizität und okkultismus

sam ashley
"toward a premonition of an unburdened self
(using a ghost detector to read auras)"

-- kubus -- thu 10. nov. 2005 -- 8:30 pm

sam ashley uses an unstable network of "ghost detectors" to read the "auras" of the audience, introducing an installation work with the same theme and title.

a ghost detector is a musical instrument that is built by "hacking" any electronic circuit that generates sound (for example a portable radio). random lengths of wire are connected to randomly chosen places on its circuit board. the wires receive radiation of all kinds, and the results are translated into sound. the device is a "synthesizer" -- except that exactly what it synthesizes can't be controlled. a network of ghost detectors is created by randomly wiring several devices together. such a network is an extremely unstable system, and very small influences can result in large changes in the sound that it produces.

in performance sam ashley uses (similarly destabilized) low-power transmitters to "play" the energy fields of the space, searching the room for particularly responsive nodes. because of the chaotic sensitivity of the various modified circuits the auric fields of people in the audience can become an input source to a music synthesis process, sonically reflecting aspects of the moment-to-moment state of being of the listeners.

after the performance, jan-peter e.r. sonntag, joulia strauss, sam ashley and frieder butzmann discuss about occultism and electricity.
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