tesla salon

thursday evening is the time for tesla salon, a get-together, where tesla's artists-in-residence and selected artists and researchers are invited to meet with the audience for talks, presentations and jours fixes. free admission.

thu 02.06.2005 at 8:30 pm

netzmusik 1

talk with guy van belle (artist in residence, mxHz.org) + golo föllmer (berlin)

thu 16.06.2005 at 8:30 pm

transmediale videosalon

thomas munz (berlin) presents the video selection from this years's transmediale.05 festival, for the first time in berlin:

The Catalogue, Chris Oakley 5:00 uk

CHROM, MYLICON/EN 4:23 2004 it

Living A Beautiful Life, Corinna Schnitt 13:00 de

pdx_01, NomIg. 7:32 2004 ca

Reconstruction, Lina Selander 6:30 2004 se

A Pragmatic Of Links, Juan Romero 10:30 2004 es

BIC BAC JOB, Le Collectif Magique 13:00 fr

(ohne titel), Johann Lurf 3:00 2003 at

thu 23.06.2005 at 8:30 pm

netzmusik 2

the hub (california) + golo föllmer (berlin)

the legendary computer network band stays for a one week residency at tesla, preparing a new concert project (25.06.2005 - 8:30 pm) and a workshop (presentation: 24.06.2005 - 10 pm).

fri 24.06.2005 at 6:00 + 8:00 pm

travesties of cybernetics --- the macey conferences

6:00 pm das netz film by lutz dammbeck
8:00 pm talk with lutz dammbeck + claus pias (berlin)

thu, 30.06.2005, 8:30 pm

concert installations<

nicolas collins (chicago) in talk with volker straebel (berlin)

thu, 07.07.2005, 8:30 pm

der domestizierte blitz

talk with jan-peter e.r. sonntag (project residency) and wolfgang hagen (berlin)

tue, 12.07.2005, 20:30 h

back from oberhausen

5 new short films from berlin

thu, 14.07.2005, 8:30 pm !!! postponed !!!

wenn es ab und zu abwegig funkt

talk with jörg laue (project residency) and wolfgang hagen (berlin), anticipating lose combo's hertz' frequenzen project

the talk will be postponed until the actual staging of the "hertz' frequnzen" project during the second half of september.