the kubus is the place for media performances, concerts and installations requiring large space. the 400 sqm wide multiperspectivical hall is equipped with a mobile stand (capacity: approx. 200 people) to be used on demand.

dumb type -- installation [OR]

opening: fri 03.06.2005, 20:30 h

exhibition: sat 04.06.2005 - sun 19.06.2005
tue - sun, 4 pm - 10 pm


having given their first performance after 6 years concert abstinency in november 2004 at DEAF festival, rotterdam, legendary bay area computer network band the hub stays for a week-long project residency in berlin, preparing a new concert project (netzmusik 2: 25.06.2005 -- 20:30 -- kubus).

at the same a workshop with the hub gave birth to the Heritage Union Band featuring dafoot, mxHz, pure, penko stoitschev and several guests. showtime netzmusik 1: 24.06.2005 -- 10 pm -- kubus.

production assistant: julia gerlach

fri 01.07.2005, 8:30 pm

musik im juli / inventionen 2005

agostino di scipio -- nicolas collins

fri 08.07.2005, 8:30 pm


theatre performance by matthias bernhold and stefan maria brettschneider

fri 15.07.2005 - sun 17.07.2005, 12:00-23:00 pm

13th performance art conference

the art of doing 3 -- cooperation

ASA European
E.P.I. Zentrum Berlin -- Europäisches Performance Institut