tesla 2

robotron tesla mix

SIGNAL -- olaf bender (chemnitz), frank bretschneider (berlin), carsten nicolai (berlin)

the performance continues the ideas of the "wardenclyffe" project.

wardenclyffe is a town on long island in upstate new york where researcher and inventor nikola tesla established an experimental station for a so-called 'world system' in 1900. this 'world system' not only was supposed to create the possibility of wireless transmission of energy to any place on earth, but also to work as a worldwide communication and information system accessible for everybody. the experimental station was never fully finished and was given up on and torn down for lack of money after six years.

the wardenclyffe project was first created during documenta X as a result of the cooperation of the artists and musicians marko peljhan (a.k.a. projekt atol -- makrolab) and carsten nicolai (a.k.a. noto). they looked for possibilities to scan and transmit information and signals into communication system of a wider reach. the project was supported and broadened by the musicians olaf bender (a.k.a. byetone) and frank bretschneider (a.k.a. komet) of the music label rastermusic and noton. wardenclyffe project 2 was realised during the ostranenie '97 forum in dessau, germany (november 1997).

the project is based on the session-like intermixing of tapped satellites, wireless transmissions and radio. wardenclyffe is a project which can be continued at any place on earth by a spontaneous and open structure. this is another connecting point with tesla's global ideas.
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