leatherback -- take 3

videoperformance (in english)

"somebody already did the word-writing bugs?! that figures." mark johnson


based on a screenplay by mark johnson radically moving through and mutually linking various movie genres, leatherback - take 3 lets science fiction meet horror and citation meet original.

located on a distant tropical island, in leatherback - take 3 a hunter named BEHOLDTHISCOMPOST gets into an uncanny circulation while searching his disappeared wife .. nature is constantly changing ... food chain positions have been dislocated ... like cartoon hero/ines on the search for fixed points the characters are moving through the confusion of a puzzling reality.

director / video and text editing frauke havemann
live video performer neal wach
video / technical director eric shefter
text mark johnson
production management klaus dörr

after finishing her collaboration with director/author mark johnson (DETEKTOR: dance, video, theatre) frauke havemann founded "on air productions". the close collaboratino with eric shefter and neal wach brought forth video installations ("excerpts from", "carwash") as well as the performance "hotel radio".
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