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klub | wed. 05. dec. 2007 | 8:30 pm

radio play

plunderphonic culture, selected works from a new genre.

in music, the term ''sampling'' refers to the process of using a portion of a music recording in a new musical context. sampling has been used in pop music since the 1970's. since the 1990's, it has become an independent form with its own aesthetic. many call it plunderphonics, others mash-ups or a range of names from micro-sampling all the way to culture jamming. it is sometimes used to mock the music industry, but for many, it is a new and legitimate genre that emphatically opposes the uncontrolled expansion of copyright law. the era of sampling and remixes moves away from a culture of origins. everything is recorded, recycled and mixed together.

klub | mi. 12. dez. 2007 | 20:30 h


jennifer deer and shea shackelford: the big shed. a documentary podcast.

since 2005, the big shed has offered plenty of space and a virtual location to which independent radio makers can send their broadcasts, contributions, and experiments via podcast. the producers and listeners share an interest in documentary sounds, voices, good stories, and polished productions. a documentary podcast, created and set up by radio-makers jennifer deer and shea shackelford.

wed. 19. dec. 2007 | 8:30 pm


uli aumüller: liebe lydia oder medienkunst als briefroman - in memoriam nikola tesla

why does media art exist, and what purpose does it serve.- with this question in mind, uli aumüller visited tesla for almost two years on assignment for the bavarian state radio - and he recorded piles of dat cassettes with original sound material. he was no wiser at the end than at the beginning - until he happened to get into a long discussion with a colleague on exactly this subject. their correspondence became the basis for this radio broadcast: dear lydia, …

in the presence of uli aumüller.

after the presentation, radio tesla will take leave of its audience with selected radio miniatures.
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