radiotesla in november:
hörspiel, feature, radiokunst aus vergangenheit, gegenwart und zukunft des mediums

klub | wed. 07. nov. 2007 | 8:30 pm

radio play

andreas jacke: die sirene (2007), derrida-post (2006-07), mein leben als hase (2006), elektra in 8 minuten (2007)

all poets and thinkers from sophocles to hegel considered tragedy to be a higher art form than comedy. that is a great pity, and it is certainly one reason for woody allen’s inferiority complex. four pieces by andreas jacke present various experiments between comedy and tragedy.

in the presence of andreas jacke.

kubus | wed. 14. nov. 2007 | 8:30 pm


marianne weil: dem ...eutschen ... olke ? oder: so klang der kalte krieg., sr/sfb, 1995.

the program with the broken title is about a broken country, whose parts take on new roles in a partly new play after a jointly lost war. what is played is the cold war. the material used is sound from the radio on both sides of the berlin border in the years 1950 - 1954; east-sounds and west-sounds. the plot takes its form from the political events of the time: fdj meetings and peace fighters in east berlin, liberty bells and freedom fighters in west berlin, armament in bonn, green week and socialist agriculture.

in the presence of marianne weil.

klub | mi. 21. nov. 2007 | 20:30 h


rainald goetz: festung 2: festung., frankfurter fassung, swf, 1994.

memory, time, and history. from the blurb of the book on which this important audio work is based: ''the wannsee conference piece 'festung' is about the current discussion of the german decision to eliminate the jews.'' a confrontation in three parts between 1. the ''criticism in festung. institute for social research'' and 3. the ''cataract''. in between is a radio play that uses the means of medial overrepresentation to present the state of being present, here and now, as the last meaning of existence. content, opinion, and engagement strive for consensus and thus lose their meaning. not the object itself, but its transformation into an audio work turns all of the actors into comic figures.

klub | wed. 28. nov. 2007 | 8:30 pm


william claude dukenfield, w.c. fields

he worked with charlie chaplin, maurice chevalier, and orson welles; he played vaudeville, broadway, and buckingham palace. and yet, the road to radio - the leading medium of his time - was long for w.c. fields, one of the most important comedians of the first half of the 20th century. in selected examples, radiotesla presents the comic arts of the man who began his stage career as a juggler, and who was convinced that anyone who hates dogs and small children can't be all bad.
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