radio tesla in october:
hörspiel, feature, radiokunst aus vergangenheit, gegenwart und zukunft des mediums

klub | mi. 03. okt. 2007 | 20:30 h

testcard: brain machine


basierend auf den experimenten von brion gysin ist die brain machine ein gerät, mit dem das gehirnradio neu ausgerichtet werden kann. aufgrund von experimenten geht testcard davon aus, dass man die brain machine unter bestimmten umständen auch nutzen kann, um zugänge zu den verborgenen geschichten von gebäuden zu finden. dabei wird der menschliche körper als empfänger benutzt. das akustische material, das im rahmen der performance zu hören sein wird, wurde unter einsatz der von friedrich jürgensen entwickelten aufnahmetechnik e.v.p. (electronic voice phenomenon) generiert.

klub | wed. 10. oct. 2007 | 8:30 pm


kate donovan & ryan mcfadyen:stereo personas: predictions & expeditions in post-radiophonics.

donovan and mcfadyen muse upon their controversial exhibition 'katherine and catherine - the greatest sound icons ever ignored', offering profound insights into the woefully inaccessible body of work by these unheard geniuses.
rare radio footage, pioneering sound-art experiments and previously non-existent archive material to make this a must-hear for any serious sound connoisseur.

with the generous funding of the berlin institute of pleasant days

klub | mi. 17. okt. 2007 | 20:30 h

philip k. dick: träumen androiden, br, 1999.

nexus 5, the newest androids from the rosen company, are highly intelligent, extremely flexible and astonishingly human. so much so, that they no longer want to serve the mars colonists as household help or industrial slaves, but would prefer a respectable, conventional life as a detective or opera singer on earth. and they are killing anyone who gets in the way of their freedom. rick deckards has a job. rick was always a little faster and more flexible than the rebellious androids, until he met rachael, the deluxe model of the female nexus-5.

klub | wed. 24. oct. 2007 | 8:30 pm


kai grehn, carsten nicolai: messages for 2099, hr/deutschlandfunk, 2007.

for two years kai grehn and carsten nicolai recorded messages, in order to send a selection of them to the end of the 21st century - a sort of message in a bottle for the future. the two artists, as well as most of the participants, will most likely no longer be living when it is opened. the future is not something beyond the range and scope of our imaginations. the future is here, today - to be exact, it's directly behind us.
messages for 2099 was cut on acetate plates and presented to the public on 10.02.2007 in the german national library frankfurt/main. this presentation was originally transmitted live by the hessischen rundfunk. following this, the acetate plates were transferred to the german national library in a sealed box with the guideline that it be presented again in the year 2099.

kai grehn remembers.

klub | wed. 31. oct. 2007 | 8:30 pm

bonus track

closing discussion: radio? visions? future?

directly following the radiovisionen, and to conclude the month's theme visions, radiotesla takes stock. from the beginning, the radiovisionen project was an attempt to contemplate the future of radio beyond current discussions of digitalization and podcasting. instead of considering how the medium can adapt itself to the coming technical standards, the four visions were intended as an opportunity to imagine in a broader sense what radio could mean to us in the future.
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