radio tesla in september:
radio making
hörspiel, feature, radiokunst aus vergangenheit, gegenwart und zukunft des mediums

klub | wed. 19. sept. 2007 | 8:30 pm


dinahbird: radio 3 and a half, 2006.

radio 3 and a half is an ongoing compilation of audio collages and soundscape compositions that play homage to the golden days of radio and tape recording. the series is devised and produced by dinahbird. at radiotesla, she will present an edition with sound artists and radio producers mark vernon, felix carey, iain chambers, philip tagney, jean-philippe renoult and dinahbird.

klub | wed. 26. sept. 2007 | 8:30 pm


axel knopp, detlev michelers, werner sünkenberg: die arbeit ist erledigt oder die dramatik hat auf meine kopfhörer geschlagen, trikont, 1978.

the original documentation of the schleyer case in the fall of '77 could //not// appear on the radio at the time of its production, a time when free radio still amounted to a criminal offense. instead it appeared on vinyl, as a record by trikont. the subject matter is the state of emergency (carl schmitt) which increased gradually into madness in the heißer herbst of 1977. ''approximately 8 hours of news, reports, and correspondents' accounts'' from various west german radio stations are collected to form about an hour-long feature. radio making - an lp from the year in which radio fessenheim began to broadcast.

in the presence of detlev michelers.
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