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öffentliches nachdenken über gegenwartskunst, präsentation und diskussion aktueller projekte und positionen

klub | thurs. 04. oct. 2007 | 8:30 pmwith michael j. schumacher and carsten seiffarth

michael j. schumacher presents the work of the diapason gallery in new york - the only gallery for sound art and electronic music in the usa. since 1996, diapason has presented current american and international sound art at three different locations. michael j. schumacher talks with carsten seiffarth about the production conditions and aesthetic principles of his gallery work.


klub | thurs. 11. oct. 2007 | 8:30 pm

berlin backyard radio - kunst im orbit

an international network of radio practitioners looks into the future of broadcasting as a cultural format. how do politics and innovation influence the audio spectrum?

klub | thurs. 18. oct. 2007 | 8:30 pm

berlin backyard radio - free digital tools

after the full-day workshop on open source software for makers of radio, a public discussion with experts will address the possibilities of free digital tools for radio making.

open source softwares for radio: diy

the best and the worst of what digital tools offer radio makers.
an open slam for radio projects to present themselves in 15 minutes!

- software
- hardware
- projects
- programs

107.9 micro.fm meshwork


backyard radio snatches the radio from tv towers and broadcasting agencies and instead of showering down on the city, the radio waves beam out of the districts and neighborhoods. a liberalization of the law allows everybody to run a tiny radio transmitter covering the own block and everyone who passionately cares about her neighborhood adopts the medium and populates the ether - laptop-workers, street artists, urbanists, ipod-kids, diy enthusiasts, freelance cyberpunks and hedonists alike. not a decadent experiment in self-reference and individualism, backyard radio maintains a collective channel: this is the place where the sounds of the different neighborhoods hit each other. have you booted your node?

backyard radio berlin is organized by klubradio gmbh in cooperation with: bootlab, berlin; brandenburgischer kunst verein, brandenburg; cornerhouse, manchester; freifunk, berlin; new thinking, berlin; tesla, berlin; and the radia.fm network.

backyard radio berlin is funded by the german federal cultural foundation, kulturstiftung des bundes.

klub | thurs. 25. oct. 2007 | 8:30 pm

formatlabor 3.3: the creator has a masterplan

a multi-media talk show on communication and control, mass and pop, replay and re-enactment, system and creation. with jan-peter e.r. sonntag & till nikolaus von heiseler, philo farnsworth, leon smith, marshall mcluhan, john cage, and others.