tesla salon
öffentliches nachdenken über gegenwartskunst, präsentation und diskussion aktueller projekte und positionen

thurs. 03. may 2007 | 8:30 pm

tesla salon: vorgestellt

shelley hirsch

the new york vocal performer and composer is using her project residence at tesla to work on a new project with american media artist zoe beloff. a conversation with shelley hirsch about her current musical projects.

thurs. 10. may 2007 | 8:30 pm

tesla salon: vorgestellt

chris ziegler

chris ziegler has been working for several years, primarily at the zkm in karlsruhe, on the intersections of dance with digital light and sound programming. last year, in his work forest, controllable hanging neon tubes reacted to figures danced within the forest-like space. during his residence at tesla, chris ziegler is beginning to experiment with shakespeare's midsummer night's dream.


thurs. 17 may 2007 | 8:30 pm

second life 1 - with jo fabian

jo fabian visits us in reality. having accomplished all of the important artistic goals, he emigrates to the second life for a few months. now he accepts our invitation to give a first report on his experiences, and to present perspectives on the culture industry.


tue. 22 may 2007 | 8:30 pm

video première:

stefan rusu

old new routes
a selection of video art from central asia

as an external observer of the situation in central asia, stefan rusu offers insight into current problems and cultural trends, and he reports on developments in the islamic states after the collapse of the soviet union. this compilation demonstrates overlapping networks and the relationship between two traditions - the archaic-nomadic and the post-industrial. the artist and curator stefan rusu shows a selection of artistic positions from central asia, with an emphasis on video works from uzbekistan, kazakhstan, and kyrgyzstan.

thurs. 24 may 2007 | 8:30 pm

tesla salon: vorgestellt

ulrich fischer: passages

an eye that listens -an ear that looks. the improvised video and sound compostions of passages, which resemble jam sessions, have an astounding way of extracting micro-grammatic details of daily reality and transporting them onto the screen.
these film worlds open a viable space for thought beyond absolute certainties.

fri. 25. mai 2007 | 8:30 pm

2012 mit chris kondek

vol. 3: global finance

the mayan calendar ends in the year 2012: a radical change awaits. no cause for alarm. in a cosy atmosphere, supported by beer, wine, and pretzels, chris kondek uses his well-grounded expertise to introduce the future of humanity. with the help of sinfully expensive software, exclusive video loops, and selected feedback, he and his colleagues shed light on the dark corners of the future.

tue. 29. may 2007 | 8:30 pm

book presentation

adolphe appia - licht, raum, enträumlichung

around 1900, adolphe appia began to experiment with electric light as a medium for working with space. together with his early projections and color atmospheres, these experiments mediatized theater aesthetics in the 20th century. richard c. beacham, leader of the visualisation lab at london's king's college, presents the german edition of his comprehensive book on the subject. this will lead into a discussion with gabriele brandstetter, richard beacham, and detlev schneider about the virtualization of the performative arts which has begun in the 21st century.
presented by the alexander-verlag, the institute for theater studies of the fu berlin, and tesla.


the third salon series at tesla begins with the formatlabor 3.1 on may 31, 2007, continues on 28.06.07 [formatlabor 3.2] and resumes in the autumn. the subject is narrations in the electronic era, the narrative a priori: behind everything that can be individually thought and told - according to the thesis of this series - the great narrations remain powerful authorities on meaning.
the series is realised by till nikolaus von heiseler and jan-peter e.r. sonntag.
070531start copy.jpg

thurs. 31. may 2007 | 8:30 pm

formatlabor 3.1: hurz! - das märchen von der kunst

a discussion of the relationship between art and narration, with author, theoretician, and artist stefan heidenreich [what does art promise?], conceptual artist and theoretician jan-peter e.r. sonntag, and till nikolaus von heiseler. the mimetic reproduction of the world is a narrative element which was rejected by the classical avantgarde of the 1920's, and, perhaps even more consistently, by american conceptual art in the 1950's. what are the narrations which formed art, which currently form art, and which could form art in the future and in an electronic context? what is the relationship between art and narration?


with the project werkstatt_klangapparate, tesla encourages a new artistic approach to historical sound machines. here, the possibilities of each apparatus extend far beyond its classical definition as instrument, sound producer, or sound object. the last part of the project focuses on the subharcord, invented in east berlin in the 1960's.

'whether it be the sounds of machines in a factory or out of doors, or unheard sounds from distant planets, this instrument can produce them all.'

-quotation from the operating description of the subharcord.

thurs. 07. june 2007 | 8:30 pm

werkstatt_klangapparate 3: the subharchord

the subharcord is a unique electronic instrument, which was invented in the 1960's in the central office for radio and television technology of the german post, in east berlin.
the subharcord as sound machine: frank gertich in conversation with benzo and other project participants.

tue. 12. june 2007 | 8:30 pm

tesla salon: vorgestellt

zoe beloff

zoe beloff is a new york-based artist fascinated by phantoms, by images that 'are not there', and by the 19th century mediums, whose materialization séances conjured up unconscious desires in the most theatrical fashion. though lacking psychic abilities, she confesses to relying on cinematic illusionism or the cinematic 'medium'. zoe beloff works with techniques like stereoscopic imagery and dioramas, that have largely been abandoned since the invention of the cinema, but also with with film, live 3-D projection performance, interactive cinema on cd-rom and video installation. she is currently working on a series of projects under the title of 'a hundred years of hysteria'.


thurs. 14. june 2007 | 20:30 h

second life 2 - with jo fabian

jo fabian visits us in reality. having accomplished all of the important artistic goals, he emigrated to second life for a few months. now he accepts our invitation to give a first report on his experiences, and to present perspectives on the culture industry.


tues. 19. june 2007 | 8:30 pm

tesla salon: vorgestellt

ute meta bauer

a report on the role of the visual arts program at mit in cambridge, ma. the program is offered by one of america's leading universities, whose research and instruction focuses primarily on the sciences and the development of new technologies.
ute meta bauer is director of the visual arts program. she also works as a publisher and was, among other things, artistic director of the 3rd berlin biennale, 2004.

thurs. 21. june 2007 | 8:30 pm

sebastian kaiser, roman markholia: balaklava odyssey

since the 1950's, balaklava, crimea has been home to the soviet union's most confidential miliary grounds: a submarine hangar and a storage space for atomic weapons. in the summer of 2006, an international media and performance festival took place on the military premises, beginning the cultural reappropriation of this black sea bay. during the same time period, the film balaklava odyssey was made. it reports on how the legacy of the cold war at the eastern edge of europe is now connected with contemporary art.


filmscreening and discussion with: ds-x.org, oleg chernous, friedrich kittler, joulia strauss, hendrik schumacher among others.
supported by the kulturstiftung des bundes

fri. 22. june 2007 | 8:30 pm

formatlabor 3.2: live! - the fade to black project

on this evening, the peculiarities and potential of narrations in the electronic age will be looked at through the lens of the project fade to black. the project is structured as a research game. the game's leader controls a video, audio, image, and text archive of original materials which are related to a case. she invites participants to use these materials to analyse the superficial, sensational stories circulated in the popular press. this evening, first results - including the film shit happens - will be shown by andres fuentes cannobbio and malaria7.