project residency

basis für die entwicklung und produktion künstlerischer projekte und netzwerke

jeff mann [can]

equipment for living

equipment for living is a project which addresses popular ideas concerning technological machinery. industrial, scientific, and consumer electronics are mixed, expanded, and hybrids are formed. this process undertakes to indicate the possibilities and dangers of the increasing integration of people with technology. the goal is a resulting sculptural installation in which electro-mechanical movements as well as audio and video elements play a role.

reboot fm [d]


the community radio station realised the project radio 1:1 at tesla in 2006. in 2007,, an independent cultural radio station comprised of blogs, podcasts, and net radio, will be in residence at tesla. in addition to regular radio productions and recordings of events, this phase of the project focuses on the maintenance of an archive of independent radio projects in berlin.

sukandar kartadinata [d]


during his glui residence, sukandar kartadinata is developing and realising technological solutions for various artistic projects. for 2007, he is preparing new workshops about sensors and interface technologies. in january and february, he will work together with jens brand on transforming gluion into an installation sculpture.

omer krieger [israel]

memale makom

memale makom, completed and premiered last year in tel aviv, becomes a sound-performance only through the influence of the audience. omer krieger mixes, samples, and controls the sound around him live, and plays it back. 'live-reality-djing' is omer's name for his role in memale makom, which offers one possible answer to the quest in israel for a kibbutz of tomorrow.

rodrigo derteano [peru]

recomputing space

in his sound installation recomputing space, the zürich-based peruvian rodrigo derteano examines the layers of sound and acoustic characteristics of urban space. a system of speakers, arranged serially on the floor, plays parallel-connected tracks from multi-channel sound-recordings of public plazas, fields, or street scenes, all of which merge to form a dense urban soundscape.

chris kondek & hannes strobl [usa/a]

perfect speed

robert henke [d]

linear grid

sabine glenz [d]

study for two figures

oliver hangl [a]


shelley hirsch [usa]