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öffentliches nachdenken über gegenwartskunst, präsentation und diskussion aktueller projekte und positionen

thurs. 02. nov. 2006 | 8:30 pm | talk and video


videopräsentation neuer politischer dokumentationen und gespräch mit joanne richardson.

'to infiltrate the media means inserting new meaning into the mainstream of consciousness -- not the final truth, the unambiguous message or the real representation, but fragments, questions and seeds of awareness.'
[joanne richardson]

joanne richardson [romania/us]
born in bucharest, romania, grew up in new york. postgraduate studies in philosophy & cultural studies at nyu & duke university.
living for past 4 years between romania, hungary and croatia. co-organizer with multimedia institute mi2 croatia of art servers/streamers/spaces unlimited [sept 8-15, 2001, labin] and reality check for cyber utopias [may 3-5, 2002, zagreb] ... and with next 5 minutes & tranzit house of the cluj tactical media lab [september 26-30, 2002, cluj].

founder of d media association in romania, a digital democracy ngo organizing workshops on hybrid radio, digital video, streaming media, and open source software as well as coordinating a local net.radio and video production group. member of the indymedia romania editorial collective. editor of subsol webzine, and author of publications on recent social movements, immaterial labor and informal markets, the crisis of tactical media, the myths animating net activism, and the history of experimental film & video in eastern europe.


tues. 07. nov. 2006 | 8:30 pm | discussion

reboot fm 2.0

initiative for an independent cultural radio in berlin as a platform and amplifier of local media culture.

thurs. 09. nov. 2006 | 8:30 pm | discussion

global contentifier -- utopie im städtischen praxistest

discussion with thom kubli.

fr. 10. nov. 2006 | 15:00 bis 17:00 uhr

new media roadtrip

22 studenten der cinema & media studies am carleton college [usa] machten während ihres zehnwöchigen new-media-roadtrip station in new york, london, amsterdam und berlin. schwerpunkt dabei war die erkundschaftung von digitaler kunst und neuen medien. unter anleitung ihres professors john schott setzten sie ihre erlebnisse in eigene werke um. bei tesla werden die dabei entstandenen arbeiten präsentiert. sie umfassen mehrfachprojektionen, led -kleidung, google earth sketch ups, gefakte websites, gps walks und eine vj -performance.


!!!the tesla salon with ghislaine boddington and armand terruli [uk] on the performance research platform bodydataspace is cancelled: due to fog in lissabon our guests weren't able to arrive in time.!!!

tues. 14. nov. 2006 | 8:30 pm

salon art/science 4: bodydataspace

ghislaine boddington and armand terruli [uk] on the performance research platform bodydataspace and the online archive of shinkansen, london.

bodydataspace b>d>s is a new company founded in april 2005 by ghislaine boddington and armand terruli. b>d>s takes the performance, technology and interactive knowledge developed by shinkansen / future physical throughout the 1990's and, with new partnerships, merges video, display, engineering and architecture skills into an innovative, interdisciplinary team of specialists.

b>d>s works with the expanding integration between the human body, technology and architectural space. The group delivers content-led, community-connected, intelligent and innovative projects. it specialises in the participation of public and performers in real time environments where the content generated expands perception and enhances human attributes of relativity, identity, memory, touch, and presence. b>d>s place the human body at the centre of this digital interaction.


thurs. 16. nov. 2006 | 8:30 pm | discussion

klangapparate 2: das trautonium -- frische farben für einen alten apparat

frank gertich in conversation with thilges + wolfgang müller.

tues. 21. nov. 2006 | 8:30 pm

cd-release: pressplay die anthologie der freien hörspielszene

live presentation, reading with mia frimmer and dj.

thurs. 30. nov. 2006 | 8:30 pm | talk

klangapparate 3: instrument oder apparat?

frank gertich in conversation with uli aumüller + erwin stache

thurs. 14. dec. 2006 | 8:30 pm | discussion


discussion with gabriele brandstetter, klub lawrence malstaf, jo fabian and detlev schneider.

fri. 15. dec. 2006 | 6:00 pm

aktuell im goldenen schnitt: selbstausbeutung

tue. 19. dec. 2006 | 8:30 pm

what kind of a thing is a database?

a discussion with jan gerber [pirate cinema], sebastian luetgert [pirate cinema], kobe matthys [agency], moderated by andreas broeckmann

databases are becoming an increasingly important tool for accessing and structuring knowledge. in the age of google and mysql, items that do not feature prominently in databases can easily be forgotten.

the artist kobe matthys from brussels, currently in residence at tesla, is working on an extensive database about international and historical legal cases concerning copyright legislation. on this evening, he will discuss some of the practical and theoretical issues concerning the structuring of knowledge in databases, incl.

- cosmologies, ontologies, taxonomies, classifications, keywords,...

- examples of implementations of 'idiosyncrasies'

- quantitative work, the copyrighting of databases

- archives, museums, publications, deposits, registers, databases,...

thurs. 21. dec. 2006 | 8:30 pm

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