tesla salon
öffentliches nachdenken über gegenwartskunst, präsentation und diskussion aktueller projekte und positionen

thurs. 19. oct. 2006 | 8:30 pm | discussion and videos

discussion and videos with mike stubbs [gb]

thurs. 26. oct. 2006 | 8:30 pm | discussion

übertragungen/ transmissions

discussion with paul demarinis [usa]about his award-winning installation the messenger

tues. 19. sept. 2006 | 8:30 pm | discussion

radio 1:1 as a model for independent cultural radio in berlin

starting from early radio projects, radio 1:1 presents a new 'docu-radio format' as a model for cultural radio for berlin. the program consists of live contributions by local producers of culture, recordings of cultural events, as well as an international program of podcasts, streams, and downloads.

do. 21. sept. 2006 | 20:30 h | discussion

art/science 1:

discussion with herwig turk [p/a] and günter stöger [a], the creators of blinddate

tues. 26. sept. 2006 | 8:30 pm

radio tesla special: antonin artaud

paul pörtner: es gibt kein firmament mehr [wdr 1972]
antonin artaud: pour enfinir avec le jugement de dieu -- schluss mit dem gottesgericht [deutschlandfunk 1997]

discussion with götz naleppa and peter berz

on november 28th, 1947, artaud declared war on the organs. a biological and political experiment, which brings censure and prohibition into the arena.

thurs. 28. sept. 2006 | 8:30 pm | discussion

art/science 2:

discussion with seiko mikami [j]
in english

on the continuum of perception and interfaces

all projects by seiko mikami involve human perception. perception is highly significant, yet also a very complex and wide subject area. moreover, we still don't understand our body and its functions very well. in order to approach these issues, mikami decided to disassemble the individual senses: seeing, hearing, the sense of touch, gravity, etc., advancing each sense separately through different interfaces. the point of each project is to create an 'interface' set to one sense of perception by elaborating a particular sensory mechanism.

mikami's entire project is motivated by the conviction that something like what we call 'interface' in the context of computer technology, already exists within us. mikami's projects make the audience experience their own state of perceptions. the interfaces designed for her projects function as extensions of what we already have -- a network that mediates our subjectivity, that synthesizes what we perceive and the world that is perceived. mikami explores the 'in-between' or 'inter-medium' of the information interchange, through perception, between the body and the surrounding space.

she audifies and visualises what is not conventionally the object of those sense. thus her key proposition is: "the eye is not merely a thing that sees and the ear is not merely a thing that hears; it is possible for the ear to see, for the nose to hear, and for the eye to touch."

seiko mikami [japan] is an artist who teaches information art at tama art university, tokyo. most of her works are interactive media art installations incorporating human perception, including the eye tracking project molecular informatics at canon artlab [tokyo 1996], about the acoustic sense and the living body sound at ntt intercommunication center's permanent collection [tokyo 1997], gravicells on the theme of gravity called the 6th consciousness in yamaguchi center for arts and media [japan 2004, in collaboration with sota ichikawa]. she has participated in festivals and exhibitions all over the world, incl. deaf, ars electronica, and transmediale [2002, 2005]. her latest work, first shown in the desire of codes show at kulturhuset [stockholm, sweden, 2006], will be presented at tesla during transmediale.07.

her work was published in seiko mikami - art works at diputacion provincial de malaga, spain [2004]. mikami is currently on a sabbatical and based in berlin as a fellow at the university of the arts.
from december 2006 till february 2007 she will be an artist in residence at tesla.

sun. 01. oct. 2006 | 8:00 pm | lecture


lecture with murray schafer [can]

murray schafer, the composer and inventor of such terms as 'soundscape', 'soundmark' or 'acoustical design', will explain acoustical ecology, in conversation with sabine breitsameter.

a production of the klangkunstbühne and the institut für neue musik berlin in co-operation with tesla. with kind support from the canadian embassy.

thurs. 05. oct. 2006 | 8:30 pm | discussion

black boxes

discussion about klangapparate with martin riches [gb/d] and roland pfrengle [d]

tue. 10. oct. 2006 | 8:30 pm | discussion

spaces in transition

talk with michelle teran [can] about her project exploration #5 [in english]

michelle teran discusses borderlines within architecture, surveillance space, perception and memory, and her ethnographic role as an artist and outsider within the institution.

thurs. 12. oct. 2006 | 8:30 pm | discussion

art/science 3:

discussion about the 9 evenings with clarisse bardiot [f]

in english

9 evenings, theatre & engineering is a festival presented in new york in 1966. it is a very important event in the history of performings arts and new media. an interdisciplinary project blending avant-garde theatre, dance and new technologies, 9 evenings brought together some 30 engineers from bell laboratories and 10 artists [john cage, lucinda childs, öyvind fahlström, alex hay, deborah hay, steve paxton, yvonne rainer, robert rauschenberg, david tudor and robert whitman].

'i focused my research primarily on the technological aspects of the festival. i will present this research, and especially the engineers and artists collaboration. my project hinges on the diagrams produced by engineer herb schneider. in the web publication i offer an analysis of their content by comparing them to visual material [notably the factual footage produced by alfons schilling], eyewitness accounts of the festival, and archival documents.'
[clarisse bardiot]

in 2005, clarisse bardiot completed a thesis on virtual theatres at cnrs/université paris 3. the thesis studies the relationships between theatre, digital technology and networks. she is lecturer at the university of valenciennes [france] and associate researcher at the cnrs [arias lab]. she has often been a contributor to conferences and selection jury member in numerous institutions [centre pompidou, cnrs, inha, le fresnoy national studio of contemporary arts, uqam etc.]. in 2005, she obtained the grant for researchers in residence from the daniel langlois foundation. she is working with the cecn [centre des écritures contemporaines numériques - mons, belgium], one of the international partners of the docam [documentation and conservation of the media arts heritage] research alliance.


tues. 17. oct. 2006 | 8:30 pm | project presentation | discussion

for edit und reset

project presentation and discussion withjosef klammer & seppo gründler[a]

two musicians are working on their own real-time modulation: klammer modulates klammer, gründler modulates gründler, klammer modulates gründler, gründler klammer, klammer/gründler klammer, etc...