réactions épidermiques
lynn pook + julien clauss [d/f]
thu. 01. june until su. 16. july 2006 --

tuesday -- sunday -- 4:00 -- 10:00 pm

tesla studio 2

thu. 01. june until su. 16. july 2006 --

tuesday -- sunday -- 4:00 -- 10:00 pm

lynn pook is interested in the body and the subtle perception of the individual. the analysis of the systems of perception in the relationship between object and participant forms the starting point for her work. lynn's works reconcile aspects of performance with visual arts. she works with sculpture, installation and video. in berlin in 1999 she founded, with others from tram-theater, in which media art and puppetry are combined.

'in everyday life one tends to concentrate one's attention on the space outside the body, especially in the case of pain or pleasure, one becomes aware of certain parts of the body. through the experience of touch and sound in the sound installation, the body is suddenly very sensitised to the space. in order to place and feel the intricate, tactile stimulus, recipient concentrates so strongly that even after a short while, they usually close their eyes and dive into themselves.'
[lynn pook]

julien clauss also uses sound as a means of establishing a relationship between body and space. the juxtaposition of the human body and different sound environments call upon complex processes of perception. his sound aesthetic moves between micro-sound and ambient noise. he has developed an 'octophonic sound system' for his performances as well as interfaces and programmes for 'spatializing' and 'real time processing'.

lynn pook
born in 1975 in schiltigheim [f] grew up bilingually [german/french] in france
lives and works in berlin and karlsruhe

julien clauss [f]
born in 1974. lives and works in paris and berlin. concerts and exhibitions in aix-en-provence, frankfurt, lille, lyon, montreuil, paris, roubais, rümlingen, stralsund, strasbourg, villeuneuve d'ascq, as a soloist or with b-l-u-s-c-r-e-e-n, olivier bignon, olivier perriquet, cedric pigot. he has worked with lynn pook since 2004. he participated in the ultrasound of therapy (festival garage, strahlsund, 2005), raplapla (festival neue musik rümlingen, rümlingen, 2005), pause (festival emergences # 3, paris and festival intrusion, montbeliard, 2005). julian clauss works as a sound designer 'on multidiffusion' for pierre henry and the aleph unit.