tesla salon
öffentliches nachdenken über gegenwartskunst, präsentation und diskussion aktueller projekte und positionen

di. 06. juni 2006 -- 20:30 h
radioeinszueins.de goes radio 2.0:

die nutzer

kulturradio reloaded, imagination und pragmatik

thur. 8. june 2006 -- 8:30 pm

sonambiente 1: sound generation

rolf langebartels [berlin] and jan-peter e.r. sonntag [berlin] in discussion with volker straebel.

sound artists are inevitably confronted with the phenomenon of sound generation. in sound installations and sculptures they make use of mechanic, electrical or digital methods to secure the presence of sound that are either dealt with in the work themselves or are simply implicit. in the conversation with the artists, whose working methods differ greatly in this regard, the aspects of sound generation as method and sound generation as meaning will be discussed.

tues. 13. june 2006 -- 8.30 pm
bgnm at tesla - simply complicated 2:

nothing is simple

richard barrett: blattwerk [2002] for cello and live electronics

christina kubisch: nostalgico [2000] for accordion and tape recorder

gerhard scherer [accordion], arne déforce ][cello], richard barrett [electronics]

includes a discussion with richard barrett, christina kubisch und björn gottstein.

presenter: thomas gerwin

in the second concert in the series einfach kompliziert [simply complicated], the bgnm confronts a nostalgic childhood melody with the complex paths of a falling leaf. however, the duos by kubisch and barrett are not about reducing things to a common denominator. although, in both cases, the interaction between [live] electronics and instrumentalists are dealt with and this naturally doesn't make either composition easy.

presented by the berliner gesellschaft für neue musik [bgnm] [society for new music, berlin] in collaboration with tesla, supported by the initiative neue musik [inm].

thur. 15. june 2006 -- 8:30 pm

sonambiente 2: sound perception

lynn pook [karlsruhe] and bernhard leitner [wien] in discussion with volker straebel

di. 20. juni 2006 -- 20:00 h
-- filmvorführung --
netzkultur.salon 8:

conceptual paradise

stefan roemer (regisseur) im gespräch mit geert lovink


thur. 22. june 2006 -- 8:30 pm

sonambiente 3: interfaces

sukandar kartadinata and edwin van der heide in discussion with golo föllmer

interfaces are the agent between electronic systems and people - be they musician, playing an instrument manually, or listener, the controller data of a system is made appreciable to the senses. different approaches to the aesthetic of data conversion will be illuminated through discussion with two artist-researchers from the area of music interfaces.

thur. 29. june 2006 -- 8:30 pm

sonambiente 4: vermittlung (acquisition)

martin sturm [o.k. centrum linz], hans peter kuhn [berlin] in discussion with helga de la motte-haber .

whereas the field of classical art procurement, commerce and research can look back on a long period of development, the relatively new field of sound art poses new questions. these works remain a foreign body in the domain of traded and exhibited art, their educational and scholarly acquisition require interdisciplinary competence. producer, artist and academic are here bought together in discussion.

di. 04. juli 2006 -- 20:30 h
radio1:1.de goes radio 2.0:

die entwickler

kulturradio reloaded, imagination und pragmatik finanzierungsmodelle, medienarchitektur, bedingungen.

thur. 6. july 2006 -- 8:30 pm

sonambiente 5: ortsbezogenheit (site specificity)

robin minard [weimar], andreas oldörp [hamburg]in discussion with barbara barthelmes

sound art pieces are especially sensitive to the conditions of their presentation. the spatial, acoustic and architectural context of a piece is often not easy to separate in its reception from the work itself. because of its medium, sound art appears to be site specific art per se. the opportunities as well as the difficulties that result in the genesis like the conservation and commercialisation of pieces of sound art are the themes of the discussion between two sound artists and an academic.

thur. 13. july 2006 -- 8:30 pm

sonambiente 6: akustische environment (acoustic environments)

cilia erens [nl] and justin bennett [den haag] in discussion volker straebel

the sensitisation of the listener to his/her acoustic environment has driven concept and sound artists since the 1960s and declared an object of aesthetic work. contemporary tendencies will be discussed in conversation with two artists who have pursued different approaches in this area.