radiotesla special
hörspiel, feature, radiokunst aus vergangenheit, gegenwart und zukunft des mediums

at the first sonambiente festival in 1996, broadcast radio already played a distinct role, influencing the perception of installations around berlin. not only were reports from and about the festival transmitted, but the broadcasting station sfb commissioned sound installations itself and dedicated air time to these new forms of programming. as receiver, transformer, and - by nature -- multiplier, radio is able to seek out and [re]present practically any space or situation: whether using the descriptive, journalistic radio genre feature, the fictional model of the hörspiel [radio play], or the independent, purely artistic area of media art know as radiokunst [radio art], or ars acustica. the number of possible spaces which can be presented, created, or reflected is practically infinite. the exchange between interior and exterior space is inherent to the medium, and the dimensions of the spaces in question range from the so-called soundless non-space to the sphere of global communication.

for the sonambiente festival 2006, radiotesla takes on the subject of the city and presents acoustic walking tours in the klub at tesla. radiotesla listens whether there are still differences to be discerned in the din of industrial centers of the modern world. it presents cities made audible through authors' descriptions, composers' reproductions and musicians' play, and offers an electro-acoustic excursions in the sound-space of the city.

wed. 07. june 2006 -- 8:30 pm

radio piece

rolf dieter brinkmann: die wörter sind böse -- a subjective documentation [wdr, 1974]

swearing about the city: a 'sound-expression' of 15 hours of raw material

wed. 14. june 2006 -- 8:30 pm


kaye mortley: paris treets [abc, 1991 / atelier de creation radiophonique france culture, 1991]

from the cobbles of the quays alongside the siene to the suburbs.

wed. 21. june 2006 -- 8:30 pm

radio art

sam auinger, johannes strobl: 10439 berlin [deutschlandradio berlin, 2004]

'berlin ist keine stadt zum träumen, zu laut, zu grob, zu viel energie.' ['berlin is no place to dream; too loud, too big, too much energy.']

wed. 28. june 2006 -- 8:30 pm


three urban audio tours with e-xplo

lives, changes, frailties, slip ups, hiccups, tremors, market stalls and messages: the topography of urban evesdropping.

wed. 05. july 2006 -- 8:30 pm

radio piece

jürgen becker: häuser [wdr / sdr / swf, 1969]
jürgen becker: houses [wdr / bard berkeley, 1991]

'...where everything will be done that has to do with house ownership, house holds, trespass, house husbands, housewives and houses.'

wed. 12. july 2006 -- 8:30 pm

bonus track

chantal dumas: montreal [deutschlandradio berlin, 1997]

the city slowly emerges from the fog. becomes audible. images arise.

radio tesla presents programs, fragments and impressions from the past, present and future of radio.  as an integral part of the schedule at tesla im podewils'schen palais, the series explores the artistic and historical dimensions of the medium of radio, which was, after all, invented by nikola tesla himself.

radio tesla is presented every wednesday evening at eight-thirty, admission is free.  each month is dedicated to a specific theme, and each evening concentrates on one genre: on the first wednesday of the month, a radio play or other fictional work is offered. the following week, the focus is on features and other non-fiction.  the third wednesday is reserved for ars acustica and radio art, and on the fourth wednesday of the month, labeled "grenzen" ("borders"), unconventional, uncensored independent forms will be offered.  In months which have a fifth wednesday, a "bonus track" will take the month's theme one step further.
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