the kubus is the place for media performances, concerts and installations requiring large space. the 400 sqm wide multiperspectivical hall is equipped with a mobile stand (capacity: approx. 200 people) to be used on demand.

fri. 28 april -- sat. 13. may 2006



installation/ concert / exhibition

fri. 28. april 2006 -- 7:00 pm -- opening

fri. 28. april 2006 -- 8:30 pm -- concert

sat. 29. april to sat. 13. may -- 6:00 to 11:00 pm -- tuesday to saturday -- exhibition

bioskop is a walk-in installation by videoartist lillevan, composer zeitblom and architects christian fuchs and jörg lammers [on architektur].

for the cinematic installation bioskop the artists involved explored the history of film, its scores and the cinema as a setting within the media and have dealt with all these facets intensively and extensively. artefacts from films and scores were processed, collaged and densely knit into a meta-film. the formal basic elements of the medium film are the central issue of bioskop. the result could therefore be called an absolute film.

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wed. 17. may 2006 -- 7:30 pm
fri. 19. may 2006 -- 8:30 pm

georg büchner 'lenz*'

with fabian hinrichs

production: laurent chétouanes

this fragment, written shortly before büchner's early death, tells of the schizophrenic sturm und drang poet lenz retreating to the reclusion of nature.

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thurs. 18. may 2006 till sat. 20. may 2006 --
thrus. 18. may 2006 -- 7:00 pm
fri. 19 may 2006 -- 10:00 am
sat. 20. may 2006 -- 10:00 am
-- kubus / klub --

körperwellen. towards resonance as model, metaphor and method

final conference of the graduate college lecture course körper-inszenierungen [freie universität berlin]

after the long standing heated discourse over linguistic, iconic and performative gymnastics, the conference now poses the question of whether in doing this the acoustic potential of cultural spaces is not neglected. at the centre of the conference therefore, lies the concept, especially familiar in physics, acoustics and instrument building: resonance.

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thurs. 25. may 2006

inventionen -- music in may

berlin artists' programme of the daad and the electronic studio of the tu berlin

-- 7.30 pm --

concert I

ludger brümmer n.n.
gordon delap / antonin de bemels light body corpuscles dea
wolfgang mitterer labyrinth 3 / video: alexej paryla
jocelyn robert resident of unit d ua

-- 9:00 pm --

concert II

miguel azguime itinerario do sal dea
sound-poetry / music theatre piece with live electronics and live video

with paula azguime, miguel azguime, perseu mandillo, andré bartetzki

further concerts of the interventions on 26. and 27. may 2006 at 7:00 pm in the villa elisabeth.
more information at www.inventionen.de

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