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In the age of visual media, radio is of little interest to warring parties. Although it is practically the fastest and therefore most up-to-the-minute medium, second only to the internet, radio's lack of images to back up the words is seen by information fetishists as a formal deficit.
Today, the subject of war in the context of media cannot be addressed without raising issues, which came to the forefront during the Gulf Wars, when the media served as a weapon of disinformation, concealing military operations and securing the support of the population. And yet, the use of broadcasting techniques in military conflict goes back to the early history of the medium: in 1899, radio technique was used in the South African Boer Wars to transmit 'secret' information. And, before the Nazis introduced the 'volksempfänger' to manipulate the masses, both sides of the Spanish Civil War engaged the 'warlike' services of radio in 'Propaganda Offensives'.
In contrast, Rudolf Arnheim praised the peaceful potential of the medium in 1933: 'One imagines a war during which every radio-listener stays in daily contact with the life of the enemy.' On five evenings in March, Radiotesla presents a selection of artistic works on the subject of war.

mi 01. märz 2006 -- 20.30 h


roland schimmelpfennig: für eine bessere welt..., hr 2004

mi 08. märz 2006 -- 20.30 h


heinz von cramer: landschaft im krieg, yle/wdr 1994

goyas grafische zyklen caprichos und desastres de la guerra:akustische motive. geräuschprotokolle. anonym und sprachlos.

mi 15. märz 2006 -- 20.30 h


michael farin, romuald karmakar: das warheads-oratorium, br 1997

krieg als beruf, krieg als droge: ein söldner, ein fremdenlegionär und ein kommentar

mi 22. märz 2006 -- 20:30 h


drei hörbeispiele freier radios zum thema: kriegradio corax 2005, lora münchen 2006, dreyeckland 2004

vortrag, interview, collage: civil wars,genpatente, aufrüstung

mi 29 märz -- 20.30 h

bonus track

jay needham: listening at the border, autorenproduktion 2004

38. breitengrad: hören, wie ein us-agent die grenze zwischen nord- und südkorea belauscht und wie das sein leben verändert hat

kai lillich: krieg in der küche, autorenproduktion 1997

psychogramm eines schlaflosen.

radio tesla presents programs, fragments and impressions from the past, present and future of radio.  as an integral part of the schedule at tesla im podewils'schen palais, the series explores the artistic and historical dimensions of the medium of radio, which was, after all, invented by nikola tesla himself.

radio tesla is presented every wednesday evening at eight-thirty, admission is free.  each month is dedicated to a specific theme, and each evening concentrates on one genre: on the first wednesday of the month, a radio play or other fictional work is offered. the following week, the focus is on features and other non-fiction.  the third wednesday is reserved for ars acustica and radio art, and on the fourth wednesday of the month, labeled "grenzen" ("borders"), unconventional, uncensored independent forms will be offered.  In months which have a fifth wednesday, a "bonus track" will take the month's theme one step further.

A project of TESLA im Podewils´schen Palais, Berlin
Realized by:  Martina Groß, Andreas Hagelüken, Séamus O'Donell, Moritz von Rappard und Johannes Wilms.

With the kind support of:
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