tesla salon

thursday evening (usually) is the time for tesla salon, a get-together, where tesla's artists-in-residence and selected artists and researchers are invited to meet with the audience for talks, presentations and jours fixes. free admission.

-- di 08. nov. 2005 -- 20:30 h


ästhetik des wissens mit manuel bonik + andrés fuentes cannobio + michaela caspar + till nikolaus von heiseler + séan d.c. marcquardt + mic mikina + oliver lerone schultz + dolly tschad + dimitris tzamouranis und gästen

-- thu 03. nov. 2005 -- 08:30 pm

radio_copernicus@tesla salon
das deutsch-polnische künstlerradio im gespräch

gespräch mit gästen

-- thu 24. nov. 2005 -- 8:30 pm

netz.kultur.salon 2:
locative media

geert lovink talks with drew hemment (loca-lab.org)

-- thu 01. dec. 2005 -- 8:30 pm

die schachtel innenraum und aussenzeit

talk with labor für musik:theater

-- di 06. dez. 2005 -- 20:30 h

daad- komponistenportait: kasper t. toeplitz

au centre du bruit -- zum mittelpunkt des lärms
konzert und gespräch

cello_titan für baß-cello und interaktive computerprogrammierung (2005)

timh - part II (breath) für saxophon und live-elektronik (2005, ua)

mit ulrich maiß [bass-cello]
ulrich kroeger [saxophon]
kaspar t. toeplitz [elektronik]

einführung und gespräch mit volker straebel

-- thu 08. dec. 2005 -- 8:30 pm

rencontres internationales paris/berlin

talk with jean-françois rettig and nathalie hénon [paris]

the directors of the international festival on video art will make a short talk about the history of the festival, about the work done all the year for the programming, its aims and purpose. we will focus a short talk on the intercultural dimension of the festival. after this short talk we will present a selection of works selected for this year's festival in paris: video research, works on reality and actuality, works on cinema.

the talk is in english.

-- tue 13. dec. 2005 -- 8:30 pm

bioscope und attraktoren

talk with mit lillevän, zeitblom

-- thurs 15. dec 2005 -- 8.30 pm

netz.kultur.salon 3: world summit on information society [wsis]

talk with jeannette hofmann [wzb]

jeanette hofmann reports on the most recent world summit on information technology [wsis] in tunis. she outlines the state of the international debate around entrance to and participation in the information society and discusses opportunities and problems with the governance of the internet.

the talk will be in german

-- tue 20. dec. 2005 -- 8:30 pm

tesla aktuell

talk with guest

silent space or easy listening lounge?

since its opening in april this year, the discussion of guests after the
concerts in the kubus was the only perceptible noise in the tesla club. no
background music should lessen the impact of what was just heard. many
commented, nevertheless, that electronic music from the bar would better
compliment the ascetic atmosphere of the club. carsten seiffarth discusses
the pros and cons with guests and brings along musical examples from his
record collection.